Marcelo has projects and shows preparation to govern Manaus in the first debate of the election 2016

The candidate explained how they operate some of its programs.
23/08/2016 09h05 - Updated 23/08/2016 09h06
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With a serene and balanced speech of those who are prepared to take charge of a city with more than two million, the coalition candidate of "Change for Change", Marcelo Ramos, showed tranquility and preparation of who is fit to be the youngest mayor of Manaus during debate of the Bandeirantes Network, the election of the first of year.

Focused on its five key government plan guidelines, Marcelo explained how they operate some of its programs: Learning Time, My Living Quarter, Health in My House, Safe City and Intelligent Mobility System (SIM).

Marcelo said the Health program of the woman and explained that today, Manaus only covers 33% with the Health Strategy for the Family (ESF). "The Family Health Strategy in our government will be connected with the Mother Program, that will ensure not only the prenatal, but all tests. The FioCruz Foundation did a survey and found that every mother needs to do three trips and walk at least three different places to get to all prenatal tests ", said Marcelo.

The applicant stated that the primary care network is critical because it can solve 80% of health problems, vacating the beds of medium and high complexity. "We will pursue what determines the Ministry of Health which is to achieve with the Strategy of the Family Health, 70% of the population. You mother and woman you need a differentiated service because it has cervical problems, but who needs a differentiated service because it's mother and needs to be well cared for at this time of pregnancy. We will humanize care and make women and, mainly, women mothers, are cared for lovingly cared that women deserve ", he said.

Marcelo cited that there is much to be done and believes he is ready to rule Manaus. "So we need to make safe and transformational change that our city needs. But, we will end up immediately with a shame that happens today is that the citizen knock on the door of a Basic Health Unit and the answer is that it is outside the service area. Who is outside the service area is cell phone. Citizen who knocks at the door of a UBS is because it is with some headache, with uncontrolled diabetes. This citizen will again be met because we will provide health that our city deserves ", said Marcelo Ramos.

In infrastructure and services, Marcelo said that his government plan has program called "Living My Neighborhood". O visa program, through a tax incentive policy, bring services to neighborhoods like the New Israel, which has a very high population density, but has no services. "The citizen who lives in the New Israel to pay your water bill has to take a bus and go to Manoa because the New Israel has no bank, does not supermarket. We will induce these services to the New Israel. At the other end, we have neighborhoods like Cachoeirinha that has all these services and there is no population density. Through a tax incentive policy, we'll do real estate to 60 m2, verticalization of the Cachoerinha to facilitate people's lives. That is what we call a safe and transformative change to our city ", he emphasized.

Asked about their alliances, Marcelo was necessary to say that not allied candidates. "They allied themselves to me, the mayoral candidate Statement. The leader of this process I am and I'm very happy to be a young man with enough maturity to be able to unite around people who can help the city of Manaus. Everyone who tried to govern alone got it wrong ", He claimed.

The candidate said that to govern a city like Manaus is necessary to support in the Senate. We need support in Congress, the Legislative Assembly, in City Council. We build a great alliance able to attract the very best in every person. "I do not want the defects of Omar, I want the qualities of Ronda in the neighborhood. I do not want the defects of Alfredo, I want the qualities of Medical Family. I do not want the defects Pauderney, I want to fight him for the Manaus Free Trade Zone. That's what makes a city moving forward. There are fights. Not the plummet. What makes the city move forward is the union. It is the joy of looking into the future and know that we can do something different ", he explained.

Learning Time
On education, Marcelo said the Learning Time program. "I want to talk about a project that will ensure in turn against his son that he has an English lesson, a guitar lesson, school tutoring, conveniando with churches so that you father, you mother can go to work with peace and security ", strengthened.

He also mentioned about the day he met a mother, Crislane you have to do every day one of the hardest decisions in life. She has to decide whether to go out to work or stay at home protecting their children. "I know it's hard with this decision because my mother, Dona Graça, often he had to make this decision because I fatherless too early. Women Manaus will no longer have to make that decision. We will guarantee employment for our children in the municipal teaches also in turn against the class. Let's give the children of the most humble people the right to tuition that has the richest and we give to mothers who have to make that decision, the right to work knowing that their children are safe ", mentioned.

Use of public money
Marcelo Ramos, what is lacking in the public administration is quality management. "We have to use public money as does the householder: he knows that the money will not go to everything and makes the right decisions, and not buy new shirt before the ranch house. It does not promote Rock in Rio in town that does not have lunch at school. Unbootable asphalt of Eduardo Ribeiro in a city all rutted. It is the challenge of caring for the money the city as a father takes care of the house of money that we deploy node ", said the candidate.

opening windows
On the way to govern, Marcelo Ramos cited what it takes to end the story of split Manaus. "Our city has built many walls. Politicians have built many walls. The political fight and the city continues to suffer. It is time for we open windows, it is time to understand that spend a lifetime discussing who have to pave the district's streets is Suframa, is the government or the city. Are the three: the Industrial Pole of Manaus is important to city, for those who work there. We will open windows, unite the city, no use for this divided city from idea. Some people think that losing win worth, I think it is worth only win winning and winning winning winning is joining the city of Manaus. The people of the city of Manaus around the goal of development resumption and progress.

at the end, Marcelo Ramos responded to the attacks received at various times of Candidates Debate Hissa Abraham and Henrique Oliveira. "I came to this debate decide to speak what I think for the future of our city. I need to say at the end that this space is serious, It is not for cute. I understand a little because the mayor did not come. For someone proposed to provide the pathetic role of forgetting all the humiliation he was subjected to and meet here the role of errand boy. On the other hand, someone who is vice- Governor speaks as if he had nothing to do with anything. That's not the way we need to elect our city. We need seriousness and firmness, common sense, ability to unite the leaders around a change project, safe and transformative change. I'm a manauara, I have 43 years, I am someone who is prepared for the challenge of governing Manaus. I was alderman, I was deputy, I was president of the SMTU and I am one of very few managers who had accounts approved unanimously and without restrictions by the ECA. What we want to talk about is not the past but the future, a city that will change your life, with Health in My House, My Living Quarter, Learning Time, Safe City and Intelligent Mobility System. Me and Joshua Neto we build safe and transformative change. Vote 22, Marcelo Ramos ".

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