Marcelo Ramos announces Joshua Neto as his running mate in the race for Manaus Prefecture

Convention was attended by Senator, Omar Aziz, Congressman Alfredo Nascimento and Congressman Pauderney Avelino (THE).
05/08/2016 18h47 - Updated 6/08/2016 16h15
Photo: AM POST

O Social Democratic Party (PSD) He held on the afternoon of Friday (7) a press conference that defined the name of the State Deputy and President of the Legislative Assembly of the State (BUT), Joshua Neto, as vice in the candidate's plate, Marcelo Ramos, the race for the Manaus City Hall.

The meeting was held at the PSD headquarters, in the neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, in the Central South zone of the capital.

Besides the presence of Marcelo and Joshua the event also included the participation of Congressman Pauderney Avelino (THE), senator, Omar Aziz and Federal Deputy Alfredo Nascimento.

Avelino said that the party decided to support the candidacy of Marcelo Ramos did not agree with the alliance, announced, yesterday(4), between Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and his new vice, Mark Rotta (PMDB).

The announcement was made a day after Arthur enshrining the break with Omar and Melo(Pros) by allying the Eduardo Braga (PMDB) and close this arrangement with the addition of Rotta on your plate.

By: Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

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