Marcelo Ramos bet on government plan in radio and television programs

The first programs will show the biography of Marcelo Ramos, the support of the political leadership and the government plan.
26/08/2016 09h07 - Updated 26/08/2016 09h11
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Full biography and government plan proposals will make the first radio and television candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change", Marcelo Ramos. The free electioneering begins on Friday (26) in radio and television.

Marcelo anticipates that will make the most of his two minutes and a second time to show their proposals and make a commitment to implement "safe and transformative change that needs to Manaus".

The programs will have command of the production plan The Movies, having as director, Abraham Cardoso and coordination of advertising and marketeer, Renato Bagre. The duo has attached Marcelo Ramos for four years and came together in the last campaign for state governor when, at the time, then obtained candidate 179.758 votes ranked third in the election.

They will be acclimatised programs with outdoor scenes and a studio-office. The first will show the biography of Marcelo Ramos, the support of political leaders and, then, government plan proposals.

"O program will be purposing, presenting a simple man, but with a history of public life that accredits to govern a city with so many problems. Marcelo Ramos show, through its projects, it is possible to manage Manaus and bring people together around a safe and transformative change ", anticipated Renato Bagre.

Four programs are ready and have the participation of the vice presidential candidate, Joshua Neto, Senator Omar Aziz, the congressmen Alfredo Nascimento and Pauderney Avelino, the former first lady, Nejmi Aziz and journalist, Wilson Lima.

The format will be dynamic and aim to make people to know better and know that Marcelo Ramos is ready to govern a city with over two million inhabitants. In total will be 30 television programs.

Radio programs will also be in 30 issues and will have dynamic language, clara and modern. The difference is under the baton of two well-known female voices on the radio amazonense: Milene Silva and Tatiana Sobreira. And to complete the team, radio host Rildo Alves gives his share of contribution in the programs.

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