Marcelo Ramos says he will not allow closure of health facilities

Health in My House and Mother Program are just some of Marcelo Ramos to redesign primary care health.
31/08/2016 14h36 - Updated 31/08/2016 14h36
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"No health unit will be closed. If the State Government need to close, City Hall will take responsibility ". The statement is Marcelo Ramos, candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change", when talking about the Amazon government's plan to turn health units.

Marcelo cites the example of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, where the City helped the government and prevented state hospitals were closed, to transfer resources to the state. "When Rio's governor, Francisco Dornelles, It announced that it would close health facilities, Mayor Eduardo Paes was not bickering with the governor. He was there and took responsibility, allocating R $ 100 million to the state health and did not let the worst happen ", exemplified.

The candidate said that whoever the governor or the president, he, if elected mayor, will work in partnership to strengthen the budget and the structure of the Hall in all areas. "Our priority is to resume the Family Health project to ensure preventive care and reach the Ministry of Health's goal is to cover 70% of the population. Today, Manaus serves only 33%, which is unacceptable ", said.

Marcelo Ramos holds that, to rescue the health program of Family, the City will contribute directly to unburden the beds in the middle units and high complexity. "If you go now to the Emergency Room 28 of August, You will see a number of beds occupied by patients who have chronic diseases and sharpened because they received preventive treatment and no proper monitoring of their health status. He did not receive the correct medication. With Health in My House, this will change because the monitoring shall be systematic with visits to people's homes ", ensures.

Marcelo Ramos calls attention to the fragility that today Manaus faces in primary health care, as is the case of chronic diseases that could be controlled and that are accentuating. "Today, the vast majority of beds in medium and high complexity is occupied by hypertension and diabetes. We will improve primary care and this will reduce this capacity and also reduce the burden on our health facilities ", clarifies.

According to Marcelo Ramos, the Strategic Health (ESF) resolve em 70% the problems of primary care, that is, 80% health problems are solved within the house of the people. the other 20% require more specialized treatment.

The solution, according to Marcelo, It is to expand the current network to 400 FHS teams, securing the cover 70% of the population. For this, hiring more professionals will be needed, especially doctors, nurses, enfermagens technicians and community workers who are professionals who today make up the ESF. "By ensuring that, we will end up with a drama of half the population to leave the house with headache or uncontrolled pressure or uncontrolled diabetes, to knock on the door of a UBS (Basic health Unit) You have the answer that he can not be met because the street it is outside the coverage area. Let's end this and ensure that all people are within the ESF coverage area ", says.

The Marcelo Ramos government plan highlights, in addition to the Health program in My House, which is the redrafting of former Medical Family, the Citizen Pharmacy that will ensure regular supply of medicines and easier access to patients, beyond Mother Program that ensure prenatal quality to future mothers. They are also provided for the return of the woman's trailer.

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