Marcelo Ramos and Arthur go to second round, ensures research Institute DMP

According to research Marcelo Ramos has grown in the race for Manaus Prefecture Arthur to despair.
30/08/2016 15h55 - Updated 31/08/2016 15h15
Photo: AM POST

The research institute DMP conducted by Radio Tiradentes shows that if the election happened today, Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB) I would go to the second round with its largest competitor, Marcelo Ramos (PR).

According to the survey, Marcelo, coalition “Change to Transform”, I am with with 20,8%, and Arthur toucan coalition 'For a Just Manaus ", with 33,1%, of voting intentions which would lead them to the second round of elections 2016.

According to the survey Arthur Neto, It is the champion in rejection, surpassing even the former mayor Serafim Correa that was always in the top rankings of rejected by voters. The survey also points out that Marcelo Ramos has grown in the race for Manaus Prefecture since the pre-campaign.

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

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