Marcelo Ramos is the fastest growing research and Arthur leads to rejection

The PR candidate left 6% in April, passed to 11% in May, 15% in July and now soared to 20,8%.
29/08/2016 16h23 - Updated 29/08/2016 16h24
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The DMP survey released on Monday (29) by Radio Tiradentes shows that the candidate Manaus Prefecture, Marcelo Ramos (PR) It is the fastest growing since the beginning of the pre-campaign, in January. Marcelo left 6% in April, passed to 11% in May, 15% in July and now soared to 20,8%.

Arthur, even falling, continues to lead, now only 33,1%, but it is the champion in rejection, surpassing even the former mayor Serafim Correa that was always in the top rankings of rejected by voters.

According to the survey, the rejection frame is: Arthur 29,9%, Serafim Correa 26,6%, Silas House 8,1%, Part Abrão 6,3%, Marcelo Ramos 5,8%, Henrique Oliveira 5,4%, Jose Ricardo 3,2%, Luiz Castro 1,7% and Professor Queiroz 1,2%.

The survey was conducted from 22 a 25 August 2016 and interviewed 816 people. In spontaneous Research, Arthur gets 14,58%, followed closely by Marcelo Branches 8,46%, Silas House 2,82%, Henrique Oliveira 0,98%, Part Abrão 0,98%, Serafim Correa 0,54% and José Ricardo 0,49%.

In this case, Drifter percentage is 50,25% e 19,73% They say they would not vote for any candidate. In the stimulated, Arthur has 33,1%, Marcelo 20,8%, surprised 8,6%, Henrique 7%, Silas 6,2%, seraph 5,5%, Jose Ricardo 2,9%, Luiz Castro 0,7%, Professor Queiroz 0,4% and none of the candidates 13,2%. The survey did not disclose scenarios for the second round.

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