Marcelo Ramos starts the race in direct contact with voters

Accompanied by about 200 supporters, Marcelo and Joshua began the campaign, in the first minute of Tuesday (15).
16/08/2016 14h51 - Updated 17/08/2016 09h25
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On the first official day of campaigning, the candidate for mayor of Manaus by coalition Change To Transform, Marcelo Ramos, and his deputy, Joshua Neto, They did not lose even a minute to start the race. Accompanied by about 200 supporters, Marcelo and Joshua began the campaign, in the first minute of Tuesday (15), with a taping on one of the campaign HQs, in Parque das Laranjeiras. They were over 200 adesivados cars overnight.

And no sooner had the day dawned and the candidates were already ready again to, at 7 am, make the first direct contact with the population. The venue: Eldorado Ball, Ten in Park, Centro-Sul, traditional starting point of Marcelo Ramos campaigns. in action, which was marked by expressions of support and buzinaços, copies of the newspaper were distributed “Transformation”, presenting candidates and the proposals of the coalition government plan for the city of Manaus.

After the first meeting of the day, Marcelo Ramos granted an interview to a radio station and a news portal in the morning and, in the afternoon, for a city TV station. He spoke about the proposals for change “safe and transforming” who has been advocating for Manaus. “Safe because it is made because who knows what she wants, because we have projects for each of the City Hall area of ​​activity that directly affects the lives of people who live here. Transformative because its main and only goal to change people's lives for the better”, he explained.

Government plan will be released on Wednesday
The coalition government program “Change to Transform” It will be presented on the morning of Wednesday (17), at 10 am, in the Republic Party headquarters (Street St. Helena, number 4, conj. Adrianople), live broadcast by Marcelo Ramos Facebook page.

With seven priority points, the program was based on five months of weekly meetings with various segments of society, listening still about 50 thousand people. Includes programs in the areas of Education, Health, Transportation and Smart Mobility, Safety, Life in Neighborhoods, Accessibility of Municipal Services (Central Eases), Youth and Free Zone.

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