Marcelo Ramos steps up actions in the East after the TV debate

Candidate did not have time to track impact of the result of debate and dawn 'running' behind the voter.
23/08/2016 16h01 - Updated 23/08/2016 16h01
Photo: disclosure

Scarcely can track the impact of their participation in the first debate this year, occurred on TV Band on the night of Monday (22), the candidate for mayor of Manaus, the coalition "Change for Change", Marcelo Ramos, the sun rose the next day with leafleting at Avenida Autaz Mirim (Grande Circular), in the East.

Marcelo has accelerated the pike in the race, taking full advantage of the few days that the law allows, as was the phase of the pre-campaign. After leafleting, the applicant spent most of the day recording for its electoral program, they begin to go to the 'air' on Friday (26). The candidate promises a lot of creativity in their programs that have very modern format.

Terminating the candidate's day, Marcelo Ramos continued his marathon in the Peace Neighborhood, this time to draw the attention of voters in the West Zone to know their proposals.

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