Mark Rotta is confirmed as deputy Arthur and alliance between PMDB and PSDB is formalized in Manaus

Congressman is connected to Eduardo Braga and can take city case toucan dispute in the Senate 2018.
04/08/2016 17h51 - Updated 5/08/2016 10h05
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The alliance PSDB, Manaus mayor party, Arthur Neto, with the PMDB in the Amazon led by Eduardo Braga, It was confirmed in the afternoon of Thursday (4). The controversial candidacy of Congressman, Mark Rotta (PMDB), as deputy mayor in Arthur plate it was also announced at a press conference held at the Hotel Da Vinci.

Arthur declared that decided to ally the only candidate who scared him at the polls, which is Mark Rotta. He said he is ready to defeat what he defined as the four candidates Senator Omar Aziz(PSD).

The toucan explained at the news that the break with Omar was because he “no more security” for your campaign as well as being the supporting, Aziz was also supporting other candidates. Arthur did not like to omit the differences he had with Braga, and he admitted that he criticized the PMDB and Braga spoke it badly.

Mark Rotta, They are seen by the people in this whole story as a puppet who obeys the commands Braga, He spoke next and said it did not reach this alliance as a bow “little monkey”. He announced that intends to discuss with Arthur your government projects.

Obviously the deputy is not doing it for nothing because it seems Arthur Neto will compete in the Senate 2018, and the command of the city will be all the PMDB by the term remaining.


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