03/08/2016 20h15 - Updated 4/08/2016 08h06

Mark Rotta lack meeting to formalize alliance between parties

The meeting would seal Arthur's invitation to be vice Rotta on your plate.
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Congressman Mark Rotta (PMDB) He did not attend the meeting which formalized the alliance between the PSDB and PMDB parties in the dispute for Manaus Prefecture. At the time the interim president Michel Temer and Arthur Neto met to seal the deal.

The meeting scheduled for 18h (Brasilia time) also confirm Arthur's invitation to be vice Rotta on your plate.

The lack of Rotta the meeting was confirmed by himself and by Congressman Arthur Bisneto (PSDB). But even without the presence of Mr PMDB, Temer "blessed" the union between the parties in Manaus, ranking the alliance as "positive".

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