MEC fixed rules to fill vacancies remanscentes Fies

The occupation of the remaining vacancies may occur in any course and shift of higher education institutions, second ordinance.
15/08/2016 11h01 - Updated 15/08/2016 11h02
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The Ministry of Education has set criteria for the occupation of vacancies remaining the Student Financing Fund (Fies) for the second half of 2016. The remaining vacancies are those not occupied during the regular selection process. The rules are published in today's issue ordinance (15) the Official Gazette.

According to the ordinance, the occupation of the remaining vacancies may occur in any course and turn the top of the supporting educational institutions that had vacancies selected by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.

Vacancies will be offered in number corresponding to the sum of the remaining of all higher education institutions sponsor, according to the ordinance.

Until last year, the remaining vacancies in the regular selection process should be completed in the institution's own course in which they were offered.

The inscription of the students will be made by the Selection System Fies. It has not disclosed the date of registration and the number of places available.

You can enroll the student who has participated in the National High School Exam (one) from 2010, averaging more than 450 points, and has not taken 0 the writing test. Another requirement is to have monthly gross family income per capita of up to three minimum wages.

The FIES is a government program that provides funding for private institutions of higher education with lower interest rates to low-income students.

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