Melo signs agreement with MEC that will inject R $ 10,5 million in the Amazon Program Connected

The program is run by the Brazilian Army and has been operating on a trial basis from Coari to Tefe.
12/08/2016 15h47 - Updated 14/08/2016 13h47
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state schools 30 Amazon cities will benefit from broadband internet expansion program, the Connected Amazon. The agreement to facilitate the interconnection of fiber optic cable between Tefé and Manaus was signed on Friday, 12 of August, by Governor Jose Melo and the Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho. The program is run by the Brazilian Army and has been operating on a trial basis from Coari to Tefe.

The agreement was formalized in a ceremony held at State Government headquarters, in the center-west of Manaus, and provides for the release of R $ 10,5 million for the completion of the Connected Amazon. During the ceremony, the Ministry of Education (GUY) also announced resources of R $ 6 million for the completion of the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (delusion) and R $ 2,8 million to the state school Evandro Senator Career, in conjunction Live Better, in the north of the capital, where the governor and the minister did visit the morning.

Jose Melo said the investments of the state government in partnership with the Ministry of Education and said that a timetable was set for the release of funds. The package involves heavy 12 standard schools and 10 in education model full time. "With this, we confront the progress of the works that are therein, and establish a timetable forward, for as the work progresses, MEC transfer resources not to have continuity ", he stressed.

Last week, MEC released R $ 6 million to the works of the Amazonas government, said Minister. "Some works were completed, but did not receive the necessary resources. Others are almost completed and brought the complementation of resources. And the State of Amazonas priorities we contemplate and establish an increasingly close partnership ", said Mendonça Filho.

Internet broad band
Connected to Amazon, the money will be allocated to the expansion of the fiber optic cable network between Manaus and Tefé. According to the BEM, the measure must reach 834 thousand students in the region. The logical network between the cities of Manaus and Tefé includes communication in Mesoregion Center Amazonense, composed of micro Coari, Itacoatiara, Manaus, Parintins, Rio Preto da Eva and Tefé.

According to the Commander of the Thematic Integrated Center of the Amazon Military Command, General Decílio de Medeiros, responsible for Connected Amazon, budget issues were preventing the continuation of the project in the section between Manaus and Tefé. "We will use this feature already next week for the cable acquisition that will connect the Tefé and, consequently to Coari. The cable has been specified, tested and is in operation between Coari and Tefé, in full operation, which gives us great security ", he emphasized.

The forecast is to complete the works on the stretch, with a length of more than 450 km, in March next year. The acquisition of products will be done through international bidding, which lowers costs, the military said. The project's goal is to bring broadband internet to 52 cities of the Amazon. The initiative is a partnership of company Amazon Data Processing (Sell). The cables are released into rivers and allow high quality connection to meet public agencies and create opportunities for commercial exploitation.

The measure must also improve the education system in the distance offered by the state government through the Media Center of the State Department of Education (Seduc). "This is a program that reaches the entire community. The upper Solimões is a very poor region and very difficult. It is a very large indigenous population region, and is also attended with Internet. The fact itself is that this challenge to bring the Internet to the excluded means providing opportunity. This is the fact ", He defended the Governor Jose Melo.

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