Melo endorses the Amazonian Parliament and defends multimodal axis Manta-Manaus

The implementation of the route between Manaus and the city of Manta, Ecuador, It has been discussed for over ten years.
26/08/2016 08h57 - Updated 26/08/2016 14h45
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, declared support Thursday, 25 of August, the proposal of the Amazonian Parliament to unlock the installation project multimodal axis Manta-Manaus, offering alternatives to lower logistics costs and encourage exports of the Free Zone. The creation of a working group was announced by Members of Parliament with the task of overcoming the bureaucratic obstacles and give an opinion on the feasibility of the new trade route with Asia.

The implementation of the route between Manaus and the city of Manta, Ecuador, It has been discussed for over ten years. But the project has not advanced. Proponents of the idea argue that the shaft would narrow the trade ties between Brazil and Asia, significantly favoring industries in the Industrial Pole of Manaus. There would be reduction in freight time to Asian countries 25 days, in relation to the time taken by the Panama Canal - most used path currently. The new axis would also help to boost trade with Peru and Ecuador.

This Thursday, José Melo received Amazonas state legislators, Acre, Roraima, Pará and Paraguay to discuss the agenda of the State Government headquarters, in the west of Manaus. Next year, Members who are part of the parliament plan to travel by countries to a technical survey of the proposal.

According to Jose Melo, the current cost for companies is high and it is necessary to enable other outputs that allow cheapen investment and encourage economic growth in the region. "Manta is perhaps the fastest, although we have other outlets for discussion. The subject of logistics cost reduction of our state is of such importance to the introduction of our products in new markets, cheaper. My government will support you in every way so that we have a solution in front ", he said.

First held in Amazonas, the meeting of the Amazonian Parliament before the meeting to be held in November, in partnership with the Parliament of MERCOSUR, in Asuncion, in Paraguay. "A new route of economic development, an alternative to heat increasingly Industrial Pole. The whole Brazil is back to the largest consumer market and exporting is Asia ", said President of the Amazonian Parliament, Deputy Sinésio Campos.

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