Government of Amazonas partners with Microsoft to use digital technology

For the state governor partnership is fundamental to areas such as education.
26/08/2016 14h41 - Updated 27/08/2016 13h35
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The Government of Amazon and Microsoft have signed on the morning of Wednesday, day 26 of August, a protocol in which the multinational offers technology programs and platforms for use in various public areas. no document, called Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Governor Jose Melo and a group of Microsoft executives in Brazil, the seat of government, in Compensates, It presents all the solutions available for use free of charge, especially in educational areas, training and entrepreneurship.

According to the Governor Jose Melo, and bring more speed to the management process in all sectors doe government, the partnership is fundamental to areas such as education. "It allows the company to be included in all this growth modernization process of new technologies. We have pursued these partnerships. Today it is with Microsoft, that is here opening up a huge range in education, in the social area, entrepreneurship, allowing us, with these tools, can access better markets and, in another way, our society, our youth, is likely to improve in this direction ", said the governor.

In addition to Microsoft executives, attended the meeting the president of the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), First Lady of the State, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira, the State Secretary of Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, the State Secretary of Labor, Isashi Toyoda, the director of Amazon Technological Education Center (Cetam), Joésia Pacheco and CEO of Prodam, Amazon Data Processing Company, Marcio Silva Lira,

For Governor, the major impact of the use of tools is entrepreneurship. "As you all know, because of the crisis, unemployment in Brazil and here in the state was too large. Therefore, as you prepare a young in the labor market it opens a company, creates jobs, income. It is here that we are going ".

The CEO of Prodam, Marcio Lira Silva, He explained that the advantages are numerous and cover sectors ranging from management to education. "We will have the opportunity to have access to Microsoft programs worldwide that promotes digital entrepreneurship. We will have access to collaborative global platform, which allows teachers and students of state schools can have access to what is happening around the world and an online learning platform ", listed.

Already CETAM he said, You will be able to create opportunities for students and the public access to technological training with Microsoft systems. Another organ that will benefit is the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), which may provide the related organizations access to free management systems. "We will also ensure that Seduc allow students and teachers to access Microsoft systems, for free. This all simple transparent and increasingly modernizing management or cross-cutting areas of government ", He noted.

Microsoft's director of Public Sector, Milton Larsen Burgese, also stressed the importance of programs available to the educational process. "It's a program divided into two blocks. Has the educational part and entrepreneurship. at Microsoft, we treat the program with the name of entrepreneurial journey . The program starts at the end of elementary cycle one, two fundamental and runs until the end of the day at school and, mainly, after the school environment. So, the big difference, actually, It is when people treat high school, preaching the issue of entrepreneurship and offering a range of services that make it possible to put this entrepreneur, actually, the idea or the company he's working on foot to the market ".

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