Prosecutor opens Core Support electoral prosecutors

Core function at the headquarters of the TRE-AM and cons should accelerate measures electoral offenses.
17/08/2016 08h23 - Updated 17/08/2016 08h23
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It was inaugurated on Tuesday, 16 of August, the extension of the core Operational Support Center for Electoral Prosecutor (CAO-PE) do MP-AM. The space and structure were provided by the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas and the core work in the annex building of the TRE-AM during the elections.

The room has computer terminals, internet and telephony to enable effective performance servers and Prosecutors during electoral shifts in election 2016. The teams on duty MP-AM will be formed by 2 legal, technical, 1 support server and 1 Justice promoter. The core is also prepared to receive complaints about electoral crimes.

Present at the inauguration, President's election 2016, Judge Marcelo Vieira, the Regional Electoral Prosecutor Victor Riccely and the Coordinator of the CAO-PE, Ombudsman Publius Caius Bessa Cyrino.

Swiftness and specialized technical support were identified as the main core installation advantages in the TRE building. "In electoral matters the deadlines are very short, They are counted in time, Here we'll give faster responses to colleagues Promoters, support so that they take the attitude that society needs as quickly as possible ", says the coordinator of the CAO-PE.

"This synergy between the Electoral Court and the Electoral Prosecutor will only benefit and make even more efficient supervision of elections, will certainly facilitate the conduct of elections by these institutions ", said Victor Riccely, Regional Electoral Prosecutor.

The President's election 2016, Judge Marcelo Vieira, also emphasized the fact that the Electoral Prosecutor have a base by the electoral Justice. "Considering the volume of work expected in this election, the fact that they are always close here greatly facilitate our contact and dialogue, only tends to gain time and agility ", said Judge.

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