Prosecutor wants investigation of R $ contracts 191,9 thousand for the management of prisons in the AM

The representation was ingressada by Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça based on a complaint from a about possible overbilling.
08/08/2016 16h48 - Updated 8/08/2016 16h48
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The prosecutor Amazon Accounts (MPC-AM) apuratória filed a representation with the Amazon Court (TCE-AM) so that the court apure the legality, economic viability and legitimacy of the hiring of HR companies Multi Services and Umanizare Prison Management and Services Ltd.. by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) for administration of prisons. The representation was accepted last week by the TCE-AM and follow in analysis.

The representation was ingressada by Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça based on a complaint from a about possible overpricing, overpricing and inefficiency of the signings made by SEAP with companies to provide management services of prison units of the State.

In May this year the prosecutor requested information to the SEAP on contracts. In response, the Secretariat reported that the contracts amount to R $ 191,9 millions, R $ 3,034 million paid to HR Multi Services and R $ 188,8 Umanizare million to Prison Management and Services Ltd..

According to Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça, in 2015, according to the general accounts of the state government appreciated by TEC-AM, the Umanizzare received more than R $ 198 million to provide services, It is the company that received funds from the public treasury.

"The appreciation of the documentation submitted, we also noticed the apparent inconsistency documentary, notably by generality and incompleteness of the basic design, absent any solid demonstration of economic viability of the compensation criteria of services, able to justify the value of contracts ", said Attorney Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

He proposed, still, que o TCE-AM, make a thorough analysis in the contracts to see if there was privatization of prisons.

"It is a thorough and extensive technical analysis, also to investigate the legality of the contractual object because, under the Constitution, It is not legally possible to fully delegate the management of prisons, as this woud privatization, indeed, not allowed. It is essential that the technical body ascertain whether the contractual content implies renunciation of the core business of the State in its role managing the penitentiary system, discarding the possibility of illegal privatization of state prisons ", said Attorney Ruy Marcelo.

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