TSE minister calls for opening investigation of bribery against PP, PT e PMDB

If proven the receipt of disguised bribery accusations of electoral donations subtitles will be prevented to contest elections.
10/08/2016 07h59 - Updated 10/08/2016 15h23
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The minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) Maria Thereza de Assis Moura asked on Tuesday(9) opening electoral investigation against the PP, PT e PMDB. The request was based on the award-winning investigated vigilantism in Operation Lava Jato. If proven the receiving accusations of disguised bribery declared election donations officially, subtitles may have the record in the Electoral Court canceled and will be prevented from disputing the elections.

Requests related to PP and PMDB were sent to the president of the TSE, Minister Gilmar Mendes, who had asked the minister to the opening of procedure to investigate EN for the same reasons. The minister decided to request election research opening after receiving information sent by Judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, responsible for Lava Jato, about the misappropriation of resources in Petrobras.

Although research suggests, during the trial, the minister asked the plenary that the processes involving the PT, PP and PMDB are distributed freely among the other ministers, understanding that the issue should not be seen only by Corregidor. Besides that, the minister recalled that the mandate of her on the TSE ends in three weeks.

After the start of the debate, Minister Henrique Neves asked view of the matter and promised to resume the trial on 23 of August. During your vote, Maria Thereza said that the evidence of the alleged bribe-taking by the parties and cause indignation that the TSE can not turn a blind eye to the inquiries.

"Once proven such conduct, we would be facing the crimes aiming at the conquest of power and / or maintenance, nothing very different, therefore, barbarian times when crimes were also committed to achieve power ", He argued the minister.

Source: Agency Brazil

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