dies at 71 years Elke Maravilha actress

No perfil de Elke na rede social Facebook, family confirmed the death of actress.
16/08/2016 08h49 - Updated 16/08/2016 08h49
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The Elke Maravilha actress died early this morning (16), to 71 years, in Rio de Janeiro. Elke was hospitalized since the end of June to treat an ulcer and came to be operated. Since then, the actress was in an induced coma in the House Health Pinheiro Machado, in Orange, Southern Rio.

No perfil de Elke na rede social Facebook, family confirmed the death of actress: "We warn that our Elke not already here with us. As she said, was playing something else. All gods, she loved, are with her on this trip. Eros anikate mahan. ".

Charismatic and good-humored, with an irreverent and bold style to be, the actress, model and TV host Elke Georgievna Grunnupp was Russian, born in the then Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, in 22 February 1945.

Daughter of a Russian and a German, she was six years old when his family emigrated to Brazil, fleeing political persecution of Soviet Stalinism. The couple and their three children, deprived of Russian citizenship, They settled on a site in Itabira (MG) e, later, in another mining town Jaguaruçu.

naturalized Brazilian, Elke left home at 20 years to live alone in Rio de Janeiro, where he found employment as a bilingual secretary, taking advantage of his fluency in eight languages, many of them learned in their own family environment. Fluency that led him to form in letters and working as a teacher, translator and interpreter of foreign languages.

She began her modeling career in the late 60, parading for the designer Guilherme Guimarães. He worked for other top designers and soon became famous in the fashion world, projecting an image that symbolized transgression and release.

It was in the parades that met the designer Zuzu Angel, who was friend. In season, in the military regime, Zuzu denounced to the world the disappearance of his son Stuart Angel, that Brazil today known to have been tortured and killed by the dictatorship of the agents in the Galeao Air Base.

No end of 1971, Elke was arrested at Santos Dumont Airport, after ripping, shouting "cowards! how dare? You have murdered him!”, Wanted posters with the photograph of Stuart. Framed in the National Security Law, Elke had Brazilian citizenship revoked, becoming stateless. Years later, requested and obtained German citizenship, the one who went on to own.

At this point, He had already started acting career, no cinema, with the stage name that consecrated, given by journalist Daniel Más, Spanish naturalized Brazilian and social columnist for several Rio newspapers. In 1972, Elke Wonder appears on television, as a judge of the program “Old Warrior "get-together Abelardo Barbosa.

On TV, It was also sworn in Show Newbie, Sílvio Santos, He presented the talk show Elke, SBT, beyond the novel's return Beto Rockfeller, TV Tupi (1973) and the miniseries Memoirs of a Gigolo (1986), TV Globo, among other roles and cameos.

No cinema, were 28 movies, starting with Baron Otelo in deals of Billions (1971), through titles like Xica da Silva (1976), of Carlos Diegues, Pixote, the weakest law (1981), the recently deceased director Hector Babenco, and even the biopic about Zuzu Angel, in which it appears in cameo singing in a cabaret German music Lili Marlene, success of Marlene Dietrich. In this film, Elke was the very character, played by actress Luana Piovani. also served in 11 plays.

Elke by herself:
"They ask me how I created this style, this vision that characterizes me. I say always sought compose this way, of course it was not as now, because now the thing is more comprehensive. Over time I have been discovering so much more inside and putting what I find out. I often say that I was always so, but with time I'm getting worse! Actually, I was always a different medium train, You know? As a teenager I decided to rip the clothes, desgrenhei or cabelo, I overreacted in makeup and went out on the street… It took me to spit in the face. But it was good because I understood the situation as if they were putting me to the test. Perhaps, if my style was not really my inner reality, I would have gone back. But I knew he would never back down. I never wanted to harm anyone! What I want is to play, show me, I communicate ".

Source: Agency Brazil

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