Show Venezuelan Cinema takes place in Manaus with free admission

The event is organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Venezuela in Manaus, in partnership with the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretary of State for Culture.
16/08/2016 14h43 - Updated 16/08/2016 15h18
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The Government of Amazonas, through the Secretary of State for Culture, in partnership with the Consulate General of the Republic of Venezuela in Manaus, promotes, from 17 a 19 of August, the 2nd Exhibition of the Venezuelan Cinema, a partir das 18h30. The sessions take place at the Teatro Gebes Medeiros, the Ideal Club, Manaus center, with free admission.

For the Secretary of State for Culture, Robério Braga, the show is an excellent opportunity to meet the film to neighboring countries to Brazil. "A Venezuela, despite difficulties, is a country with a rich culture and an excellent audiovisual production. The films will be presented to us they are of excellent quality, and we are confident that viewers will love ", says.

The first film to be shown, no dia 17, is A Look to the Sea, from 2011. Directed by Andrea Rios, the film tells the story of Rufino, a widower of 71 years and decides to return to the city where his wife was born. Ali, is reunited with an old friend, who adopted a girl named Ana-E, Rufino who will have to live. The loneliness of the two confronts, starting set for a new abandonment overcoming path.

no day 18, It is the turn of The Class, from 2007, directed by Jose Antonio Varela. Recommended for ages 16 years, the film shows the drama of young violinist Tita. Integrating a symphony orchestra is your greatest life satisfaction, but his stay he puts his life and his family in danger. Given the opportunity to escape to a new world, unlike anything you've ever seen, the fate of a country leads to a definite crossroads.

no day 19, Dramas Power, dirigido por Roman Chalbaud, is the last film to be shown at the festival, telling the story of revolutionary Fernando Quintero and his son Efraín. After the fall of the dictator Perez Jimenez in Venezuela, Quintero rises to power and begins to betray his ideals to become an accomplice of institutional repression. Ephraim, disappointed with his father, It becomes a government opponent and Fernando himself, triggering a sad end.

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