Drunk driver runs over DMV-AM agent during blitz of Prohibition

The case was registered as attempted murder on the 10th DIP.
22/08/2016 16h21 - Updated 22/08/2016 16h21
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One of Amazon's Traffic Department of State agents (DMV-AM), Paul David Tribuzzi de Oliveira, 42 years, it was hit, early Sunday morning (21), during blitz of Prohibition, on Santos Dumont Avenue, near the Equatorial Desk.

"Our agent approached vehicles, when the driver Rodrigo dos Santos Ferreira, who was visibly drunk, He received a stop order, but, instead of, He threw the car into him, who got in a hurry legs between two vehicles. It was a murder attempt, He defined the CEO of DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, in this Monday (22), during the balance of the operations performed during the weekend.

The case was registered as attempted murder in the 10th District Integrated Police (10º DIP), where dos Santos Ferreira Rodrigo was held. The car he was driving was seized and should remain on DMV-AM parking for at least 20 days. The owner of the vehicle, Antonio Lima Pedrosa, It will be fined for allowing unqualified person drive vehicle of your property. The driver will also be processed by the DMV-AM for destruction of public property.

Besides Rodrigo dos Santos Ferreira, others 23 drivers were caught driving drunk during the blitz of Prohibition conducted by DMV-AM. The actions were carried out in partnership with the Traffic Military Police Battalion, between night Friday (19) and at dawn Sunday (21).

fatality in east
In addition to the vehicle involved in the attempted murder of the DMV-AM agent, They were seized 79 vehicles, during the blitz weekend, and 58 motorcycles and 21 cars, between them, um Cross Fox, in gray, NOV plate 1986, what, on Sunday morning, It crashed into a motorcycle, killing a man 28 years and leaving two others seriously injured.

The accident was on the street Autaz Mirim, near Global bus company. The two occupants of the car fled the scene, abandoning the vehicle that was seized and is in the DMV parking-AM. Inside the vehicle were several containers of alcoholic beverages and powder cocaine portions aspect.

The car is registered in the name of Eugenia Brito da Cunha and is with licensing day. In addition to alcohol and drugs portions, the agents of the DMV-AM found inside the vehicle one driver's license in the name of Fabricio Brito da Cunha, from 32 years.

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