MPF presents dishonesty action against deputy governor Henrique Oliveira

second action, Henry made leasing a car without obeying the rules laid down by the House of Representatives.
11/08/2016 08h43 - Updated 11/08/2016 14h04
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The Federal Public Ministry in Brasilia (MPF/DF) sent to court, this Wednesday, 10 of August, a civil action for improper conduct against former Congressman José Henrique Oliveira (SD/AM). O ex- parliamentary, which is currently vice-governor of Amazonas, account for irregularities in leasing a vehicle used by him in the months of May 2012 and August 2013.

The values, ranging from R $ 4,5 one thousand (until September 2012) and R $ 5 one thousand (until the end of the period) monthly, They were paid with quota resources for the exercise of the Parliamentary Activity (pad). The contract was the subject of a civil investigation conducted by the Prosecutor's Office in the Federal District, which confirmed the breach of the House of Representatives of the rules for hiring such service.

The contractor was J.L. Monte Verde - Services, Trade and Logistics LTD. However, the investigation revealed that the company is not specialized in vehicle leasing and, that is why, based on the Act 43/2009 the Director of the Chamber table - governing this type of contract -, could not provide the service to parliamentary. Besides that, a report produced during the preliminary stage of the investigation revealed that the company does not work at the address indicated by those involved. "Therefore, it is clear that the existence of the company comes down only to the paper ", says, in one of the sections of the document sent to Justice, the prosecutor Ivan Claudio Marx, responsible for action.

Other aspects mentioned in the action were the fact that the contract has been longer than three months (sometime in the normative act) and the existence of a family relationship between the company owners and the owner of the vehicle. In testimony to the MPF, the owner of the car said the daughter and sister of the partners of Monte Verde. "You can identify a business relationship, at least strange, where the company has no own vehicles and use of private cars, alien to the professional activity to perform the service ", Full or solicitor.

irregularities – in action, Attorney emphasizes that, when making hiring in disregard of the rules of the House of Representatives, then parliamentary "undermined the principles of public administration". In assessing the MPF, there is no doubt that José Henrique Oliveira violated the honesty of duties, impartiality, legality, good faith and loyalties to the institutions and, consequently, practiced act of improper conduct. It is also mentioned the fact that Parliament has knowledge of the requirements of the Board and the company's irregularities, what characterizes bad faith and lack of zeal in the management of public money.

Regarding the applications in action, the most important is that José Henrique is condemned to the penalties provided for in Article 12 of law 8.429/92. The standard provides, for example, compensation for damage, the loss of civil service, suspension of political rights, fines and prohibition from contracting with the government or receive benefits or tax credit.


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