MPF says Lula 'actively participated in the criminal scheme in Petrobras’

For prosecutors the task force, Lula "was aware of the criminal ploy and it benefited".
05/08/2016 14h00 - Updated 5/08/2016 20h10
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The Federal Public Ministry claimed to have evidence to prove that former President Lula actively participated in the criminal scheme at Petrobras and also received, directly and indirectly, undue advantage, Document in which he defended the competence of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, forwarded to own Justice. For prosecutors the task force, Lula "was aware of the criminal ploy and it benefited" and "is not credible that he was unaware of the existence of illicit".

"Considering the data collected during Operation Lava-Jato, there is evidence that Lula actively participated in the criminal scheme devised in disfavor Petrobras, and also that received, directly and indirectly, undue advantages arising from this criminal structure ", prosecutors wrote in a letter sent to the judge.

The opinion of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) It was included in the process of "incompetence exception" moved by Lula lawyers in Federal Court, in Curitiba, questioning the judge's competence Sergio Moro to hear cases involving former President. in order, Moro asked the manifestation of the MPF on the subject.

In the document forwarded to Justice, prosecutors say the scheme involved important and people close to Lula, as the former minister José Dirceu; the former treasurer of the PT João Vaccari Neto and José di Filippi Junior and advertising John Santana. They also say that those involved were of one organization, with the same modus operandi, integrated by the same agents, even though the contexts are "partially different". The end, highlight, It was the same in all cases: "Illicit enrichment of its members and maintain political power".

O MPF Frisian que, in 2005, the former president admitted that he knew about the practice of "slush funds" in the financing of political campaigns and, in recent testimony to the Federal Police, He recognized that, in the case of Petrobras, "I received the names of the directors from signed political agreements".

“That is, Lula knew that companies held political donations' out '' and was an avid allotment of public office. It is not credible, like this, Lula not know the motivation of 'Box 2' payments in election campaigns, why the voracity to take high positions in the federal public administration ", wrote prosecutors.

The MPF says that though as yet no termination or criminal action against the former president in the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, the evidence collected so far indicate that it benefited from the triplex of Guaruja, it was kept in the name of the OAS and that "evidence gathered to date indicate that the property is used by Lula and his family". In his assessment, the maintenance on behalf of the construction company in the Real Estate Registry Office is a "concealment".

They further argue that, even after leaving the presidency, he would have been enjoyed by contractors of transfers, who were responsible for 47% payments made to his lectures company, and it is undeniable that he maintained political influence over the federal government. The reminded prosecutors that was Lula who indicated Paulo Roberto Costa and Renato Duque to Petrobras.

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