Woman accused of rape Feliciano is diagnosed as a compulsive liar

The delegate responsible for research stated categorically that the girl lied in testimony.
20/08/2016 13h15 - Updated 22/08/2016 09h43
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The journalist, Patricia Lélis, who accused Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) of attempted rape has serious psychiatric problems and had been diagnosed last year, when he denounced an alleged rape occurred when she was 15 years of age who has not proven, com weep, according to information delegate in charge of the investigation, Luiz Roberto Hellmeister.

The delegate stated categorically that the girl lied in testimony to say that was threatened and kept in private jail by the former head of Parliament's office, Talma Bauer, and will be asked to remand her to survey the end.

"Due to the danger it poses to society and the people who surround, with false truths, with lies, not measuring the consequences, of his acts ", said Hellmeister, explaining the reasons of the future arrest warrant.

The final decision on the indictment of Patricia Lélis was taken after the delegate hear the testimony of others, including the ex-boyfriend of student, Rodrigo Simonsen. The revelations made by him were considered crucial to overthrow the false imprisonment and coercion version falsely attributed to former parliamentary aide.

The minister issued a statement on their official website and stated that trust in court for the rape charges against him are torn down. check it:

The indictment of PATRÍCIA Lelis student by the practice of extortion crimes and slanderous denunciation by the police of São Paulo, We reaffirm our full confidence in the fairness of public institutions and the justice of our country.

It was for the Apostle Paul in Ephesians book where disciplined the need to actually be children of God: 'Like this, stand firm, girded with the belt of truth, wearing the breastplate of righteousness' (Ephesians - 6:14). Rumors are rumors and truths will never be! It is what we have for the moment, and we remain confident until the completion of investigations.

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