Swimmer Joanna Maranhao will report who offended in networks

Maranhão was called “losing”e “failed”, and it was also criticized for their political beliefs.
10/08/2016 11h12 - Updated 10/08/2016 11h14
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After being injured on social networks after their elimination in the proof of 200 metros medley, getting out of the semi-final mode by just five hundredths Olympic swimmer, Joanna Maranhao, reported in its fan page, on Tuesday, it will go to court to have been injured in social networks.

The swimmer was called “losing”e “failed”, and it was also criticized for their political beliefs.

In an interview on Tuesday(9), swimmer revealed that returned to being called names by their political views and reached out for president of government defense away when Rousseff said the gold medal judoka Rafaela Silva.

"These profiles who attack us do not know the hard time passing the Brazilian athlete. A Rafaela Silva, four years ago, I had nothing, but with the help of assistance programs, get this medal ", commented.

According, Joanna, the names and personal data of people who have offended have been recorded by his lawyer that will expose them next week.

“The all true profiles that come here blacken, offend and curse: thank you! I was silent allowing you to feel comfortable while the lawyer was collecting name, data and CPF from each. Starting next week, We will be entering with legal action, with all evidence (including press coverage). This is a cause gains and with this money we will be potentiating the actions of the NGO Childhood Livre.Sendo so: thank you! Hatred of you reverts to a good cause; combating pedophilia”, Maranhão wrote in his fan page.

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