“You will not have little way”, Maia says about new rules for municipal elections

The mayor, He said the election will show that candidates need to review their campaign strategies.
16/08/2016 13h50 - Updated 16/08/2016 13h52
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In anticipation of climate on the municipal elections in October - the first to follow the new rules set by Congress last year, such as prohibiting the donation of company resources - the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), He said the election will show that candidates need to review their campaign strategies. Maia warned that "the Brazilian always think in the end have little way but this time will not have way", said, during the launch of a platarforma electoral information created by the House.

“[candidates] They did not understand the change. There will be no financing. When there was private financing you could donate to the material. Today there will be no funding ", he said. The Democrat also noted that the candidates who thought of material and hiring people production structures to distribute pamphlets in the streets, for example, They will have to rethink their strategies as, without the possibility of donations, over 500 thousand candidates who have signed up to compete municipalities and places in legislatures may only rely on the party fund resources.

"This time will have to be paper and soil shoe. In theory, benefit candidates who have structure, as those already on the machine and the inspection will be important to not use the wrong machine. They have religious candidates - which has volunteers -, and one who likes to work ", evaluated. for Maia, these municipal elections will demonstrate the need for changes in the electoral system of the country as a whole. “If will finance with fewer resources have to look for a system that gives legitimacy but is also cheaper. This system is very expensive ", said.

The president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Gilmar Mendes, He reiterated forecasts. The minister reiterated that the Supreme Court (STF) He took a "leap in the dark" when he decided to end the private financing of campaigns without changing the system. "But now this is decided and now we do elections and a swing to see what the outcome is and what we can suggest reforms", He told classify municipal elections in October as an "institutional experiment" that will provide support for the change of legislation.

In addition to private funding issue, Mendes also highlighted "singularities" as the definition of campaign spending limit based on previous elections. "In 62% municipal spending can not exceed R $ 100 thousand for mayors and councilors in the case of R $ 10 thousand reais.

Are limits that defy all. Challenge to this multitude of candidates and will also be a challenge for all political and even greater to electoral law that will have to understand this in the context of these challenges and implement legislation passed by Parliament ", he said.

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