Nejmi Aziz dives into Marcelo Ramos campaign

Former First Lady, already was present on two occasions in the campaign Marcelo Ramos.
25/08/2016 08h46 - Updated 25/08/2016 08h46
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"I will follow Marcelo Ramos day and night because Manaus has to go back to hope. The City needs to take care of people with caring, care for neighborhoods, especially the periphery ". The statement is the former First Lady, Nejmi Aziz, to participate in the first walk alongside Marcelo Ramos, mayoral candidate by the coalition Change to Transform, e do vice, Joshua Neto, besides the presenter Wilson Lima.

The delegation was met with coalition party, manifestations of affection and even, gifts delivered by neighborhood residents. “The hope that we are providing in the heart of people will be honored for the safe and transformational change that we will do in Manaus”, said Marcelo, thanking the effort Nejmi Aziz should participate more shares until the end of the election campaign.

“We are committed to this project. I trust that the people of Manaus has the capacity to bring the city to a better future. And that's why I trust Marcelo Ramos because he shows that he is ready to guide us to this future”, said Nejmi.

In many instances, the walk was interrupted because of the demands of the popular for selfies (photos) Marcelo, NEJM, Josué e Wilson Lima.

"We want a young mayor who will look for us and better manage our city", said the seller Joseph of Arimathea dos Santos, no resident 10 years the neighborhood.

This Thursday (25), Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto start the day doing leafleting on the street Major Gabriel, corner of Boulevard Alvaro Maia. In the afternoon, will walk in the Morro da Liberdade.

Respect for children
Former First Lady, Nejmi Aziz was already present on two occasions in the campaign Marcelo Ramos. She participated, next to Senator Omar Aziz and congressmen Alfredo Nascimento and Pauderney Avelino, the general meeting of the coalition in Dulcila's Buffet, Ponta Negra and accompanied Marcelo Ramos in a class zumba (dance rhythms) Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, in the East.

Nejmi played an important role alongside Marcelo Ramos when he was deputy, after the approval of the bill that regulates the test little heart, ensuring early diagnosis of children born with some form of heart disease (heart disease).

"The test of the little heart has changed the lives of mothers and children, bringing more security in the treatment of diseases related to the heart. In season, the participation of the former First Lady, Nejmi Aziz was very important because it helped, mainly, the dissemination of the new test for mothers of newborns ", warned Marcelo Ramos.

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