Nine candidates are defined in the contest for Manaus Prefecture

The campaign period begins on 16.
06/08/2016 17h18 - Updated 8/08/2016 09h05
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Artur Neto (PSDB), Marcelo Ramos (PR), Henrique Oliveira (SD), Hissa Abraham (PDT), Serafim Correa (PSB), Jose Ricardo (PT), Silas House (PRB), Luiz Castro (Network) and Professor Queiroz (PSOL) They are defined names to contest the municipal election in Manaus on 2 of October.

In the rush to meet the ritual prescribed by the electoral law of applications for official, that was until yesterday(5), seven of the nine candidates for mayor held caucuses. Most officiated the names of politicians to the vice plates and presented their candidates for councilor.

The deadline for candidates to register in the electoral registries ends at 15 of August. The campaign period begins on 16. The deadline set by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) for holding caucuses ended on Friday (5).

Deputy-federal Silas House (PRB) left to the deadline formalizing his candidacy as vice on the plate Colonel Amadeu Soares (PSC). The Democratic Labor Party (PDT) defined the names of Members Hissa Abraham and Adjuto Afonso and the PSD of Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto, as, Henrique Oliveira (SD) announced that the entrepreneur Alessandro Bronze (PRTB) will compose your plate.

The PSDB party convention, the incumbent Artur Neto, He confirmed the alliance with the party of Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), and Congressman Mark Rotta (PMDB) as deputy mayor candidate.

The convention coligou the PSOL with the PCB also occurred on Friday(5), Teacher with Queiroz as mayoral candidate and Taly biologist Nayandra as vice. Party Network Sustainability announced an alliance with the Party of National Mobilization (PMN). The deputy Luiz Castro plate form with Aglei Dukes Junior.

Congressman José Ricardo anticipated and confirmed last week, Your E-PCdoB plate next to the student leader, Yann Evanovick, as his deputy. no day 28, the mayoral candidate and former mayor of Manaus, Serafim Correa, He announced his candidacy next to the teacher Cristiane Balieiro.

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