OAB-AM accompanying suspect presentation kill lawyer in Manaus

This is the second case 2016 murder of a lawyer in Manaus.
09/08/2016 15h07 - Updated 9/08/2016 15h15
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Mara Inês Ribeiro attorney's death case, from 49 years, Manaus had their main suspect arrested this weekend. During the presentation of man by the Civil Police of the Amazon early on Tuesday (9), President of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil Sectional Amazon (OAB-AM), Marco Aurélio Choy, It reaffirmed its commitment to the security of full practice of law in the State.

The Inês's body was found at the entrance of Golden Beach Extension, in Tarumã district, West Zone of Manaus na last week. According to the prerogatives of the Attorney General of the OAB-AM, This is the second case 2016 murder of a lawyer in Manaus.

During the presentation of the suspect, President of OAB-AM said that the institution has closely followed the case of investigations. “The Order did not rest a single minute in monitoring investigations. I want to congratulate the work of our Attorney Privileges and Adriano Felix delegates, the Specialized Police in robberies and thefts, and Ivo Martins, the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping”, he said.

Choy was in the suspect presentation of news and stressed that the Order will continue to follow the next steps of the case. The OAB-AM will be present in education and qualification in the future jury process as private prosecutors. “The OAB-AM defend and will always defend the lawyers and the Amazonian society”, He stressed.

The vice president of the institution and member of the National Commission of Women Lawyer, Adriana Mendonça, also accompanied the presentation of the suspect and mourned the death of colleague. “No one has the right to take anyone's life. Relationships begin and end. dissatisfaction, Jealousy does not give the right to a man of assaulting or killing. This can not be accepted. Guilt is never the victim”, said.

The sectional Amazon has been active in the search for security law. no day 7 August this year, the prerogatives of the OAB Attorney-AM held a march in Ponta Negra to alert society and public authorities on the safety of Amazon law.

The attorney general sectional prerogatives, Alan Johnny Feitosa, also pointed out that the police report record of threats against lawyers is not enough. He said the cases should be registered in OAB-AM.

“Our president has invested heavily in the prerogatives of bodies. We have over 30 members and prosecutors equipped to meet these demands quickly and efficiently. These crimes against lawyers aim to weaken the defense of the democratic rule of law. If the lawyer – that promotes the defense of society – it is attacked, society as a whole is weakened”, he explained.

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