Omar dismisses own candidacy and says its candidate “You need to force”

Omar has two days to define who will be the PSD candidate in the elections this year.
03/08/2016 12h45 - Updated 3/08/2016 12h45
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After announcing the breakup with Mayor Arthur Neto (PSD), Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) said, this Wednesday (3), We do not intend to contest the election this year. The party activists, Senator already said that will not be candidate “on no account”. In an interview with Radio Tiradentes, in the morning, when asked who will support, said his candidate needs “ter vigor”.

“At this point I am absolutely nothing to candidate, I want to help Manaus my way”, said Omar, who now holds the position of Senator, and would not leave his post to run for Manaus Prefecture.

When asked about who will support, Omar said: “I think you need to force, is not only not experience. Manaus is a city that needs force at that time. Twenty-four hours without stop for a minute, without looking to the side, focusing on the city's problems. We need someone who has a different behavior, the force will make this city again smile. Experience helps a lot, but an experience that is culturally with the crooked mouth will not help the city of Manaus”, said.

Omar has two days to set the political course of the PSD. According to the electoral calendar, day 5 August is the deadline for the achievement of caucuses and choice of candidates for mayor, the deputy mayor and councilor. The senator did not mention the alternatives that have, and said only that soon announce the candidate should support in the elections this year. "It's something that we will also consider. It's not a decision I'll take alone. Who know me closely, You know I'm not going to adventure. These projects and political processes. I really hope to do the best for the city of Manaus ", said.

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