security operation ensures quiet games with more than 32 thousand people in the Amazon Arena

Games between Colombia-Sweden, Japan-Nigeria reported no serious occurrence.
05/08/2016 07h22 - Updated 5/08/2016 13h21
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Without any serious occurrence. Such was the first day of Rio's Olympic Football Tournament games 2016, On thursday (4), in the Amazon Arena. The matches between Colombia-Sweden, Japan-Nigeria gathered around 32 thousand people in the stadium and, the security and organization point of view, showed, once again, that the city is prepared to host major events.

"The Government of Amazonas gave the organizing committee Rio 2016 all Olympic facilities 100% functional and within. Besides that, we have a major security operation in progress until the next day 10 of August, at least 6 thousand servers involved ", He noted the state coordinator of the Local Organizing Committee Manaus 2016, Mário Aufiero, during a press conference at the Arena, which brought together representatives from various areas involved in security operation.

perfect arena

Speaking on behalf of Governor Jose Melo, the Secretary of State for Sport, Youth and Leisure, Fabricio Lima, He said the good outcome of the event is a proof that the Amazon and Manaus are ready to receive the world's largest events. "Until recently, our arena was underestimated, but today we can realize that for many people it was not possible. We have had a World Cup, huge amount of matches and now, games of the Olympics without any problem ", he explained.

Among the many compliments made by the Rio committee 2016, the lawn was highlighted, according to the Secretary. "Our lawn was the subject of much doubt and several surveys, but even with the double round, it is in perfect condition. We're, inclusive, prepared for rain with our vacuum drainage system, the only one in Brazil, fully operational ", completed.

With all facilities 100% operative and functional, Fabricio bet on a better performance than the World Cup, where the capital of Amazonas and the Arena da Amazonia were international highlights. "The arena is working like never worked. The governor Jose Melo is very proud and I have no doubt that Manaus will be a reference of all host cities, including Rio de Janeiro ".

security operation exceeds expectations - According to the Executive Secretary of Planning and Management of State Security Department of Integrated (SSP), Colonel Dan Hall, Operation Olympic Games in Manaus surpassed all expectations in this first match.

"We are delivering what we planned for two years. Operation Olympic Games is much larger in size and volume, much more complex than was the World Cup. Every day, we have a large volume of escorts, the three training centers, that they were not used in the World Cup, They are now in operation with clean status maintenance (no risks). All areas of clean arena, Maintenance and scans, beyond the security perimeters to checking everything that comes ", said Dan Hall, to emphasize the ease with which the operation for the first round games took place.

"Until now we have quiet games, without any type of event. With community partnership, we are showing that the people of the Amazon is orderly, who believes and applauds, confirming our reference security for major events.

Coordinator of Defense Operation shaft, Army Gen. Antonio Barros also stressed the efficiency with which the integrated actions involving 50 bodies of several areas in the federal, state, e municipal, they are occurring. "Everything was planned in an integrated manner was executed, so far, no repair. Only minor adjustments. I confess I expected more adjustments. I am very satisfied with the tempos of these games that are peaceful, safe and pleasant ", disse o general, to emphasize that Army, Navy and Air Force involving about 3,2 thousand military operation in.

audience applauded

The audience was in the Amazon Arena praised the event structure. With the family, Flávio de Souza autonomous visited the arena for the first time and said he never felt so safe in an event. "The number of people and police officers involved since our arrival let anyone tranquil. It's really great to enjoy the games without fear of problems ", he said.

Colombian Carlos Furtado for or, the rigor in the magazine made both barriers mounted around the stadium, as in the Amazon Arena entrance. "There is not the slightest risk of anyone entering inappropriate material and disturb the fun of anyone. I had not participated in such an organized event ".

Integrated actions -The actions in the Amazon Arena were accompanied by the Center for Integrated Command and Control Regional (CICC-R), in Aleixo, where is the base of the whole operation, connected to the Safety Integrated Centers of Facilities (CISI), that work in the hotel of the Olympic family, in training centers and Live Site.

With strict access control on all entries that covered both the inner perimeter and the outer and a monitoring system for cameras, was possible to monitor in real time all movement in and out of the Amazon Arena, including the displacement of delegations between the hotel and the stadium.

A joint committee of all agencies participating in Operation Olympic Games in Manaus was installed at the Arena for prompt response, with alignment evaluation meetings of shares every two hours. Firefighters said they had sent to the arena 130 men, while health operation of the State Health Secretariats (Sesame) and Municipality (Sems) It involved over 100 agents, including the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu).

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