Security agencies reinforce structure and monitoring games at the Arena on Tuesday

The SSP-AM reinforces the warning to fans for prohibited items from entering the Arena.
08/08/2016 17h08 - Updated 8/08/2016 17h08
Photo: Duvulgação

Security forces acting on Integrated Operation Olympic Games 2016 reinforce, on Tuesday (9), the entire operational structure to ensure more an event without occurrences in Manaus, in the Amazon Arena Area, which are expected to about 44 thousand people. The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) reinforces the warning to fans for prohibited items from entering the Arena, as umbrellas and hand bags.

According to data presented to the press by the bodies this morning, during review meeting of the second event, all performance axes Public Safety, Defense and Intelligence, follow without changes and occurrences considered outside the normal range.

According to the Deputy Executive Secretary for Planning and Integrated Management of SSP-AM, Dan Hall, the Colombia United States x games and South Africa-Brazil will have enhanced security, an increase in the level of attention of the operation, involving about 50 state agencies, municipal and federal, in addition to the armed forces. "In risk analysis by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what), are the two delegations with the highest point of attention, one due to the political and social environment and the other on account of the risks they bring when they come to any country, considering the terrorist scenario worldwide ", revealed.

In addition to the Arena, the airport received increased attention due to the arrival of four female delegations on Sunday: Brazil, U.S, South Africa and Colombia, They are entering the field on Tuesday (9). "We will maintain strict access control on all inputs, covering both the inner perimeter and the outer and a monitoring system for cameras, so you can monitor in real time all movement in and out of the Amazon Arena, including the displacement of delegations between the hotel and the stadium and airport and hotel ", said.

All security actions are part of the protocols that must be followed within the Integrated Operation Olympic Games 2016 not Amazonas, which participate 50 agencies of the federal forces, state and municipal, the divided shafts Defense, Security and Intelligence.

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