Facebook page is required to remove negative electioneering against Marcelo Ramos

The penalty of a daily fine of R $ 1.000,00 (hum mil reais) per day of non-compliance.
22/08/2016 11h32 - Updated 22/08/2016 11h56
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The election judge, Lydia Carvalho Fleet, published court decision determining that the Facebook page and Brazil managed by Alex Mendes Braga, withdraw immediately from that social network, all posts that contain negative propaganda against candidates Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto subject to a daily fine of R $ 1.000,00 (hum mil reais) per day of non-compliance.

The decision of the Electoral Justice was served in proportion to the representation of the coalition "Change for Change" which has filed for an injunction in the face of Alex Mendes Braga and Facebook Online Services provider in Brazil Ltda negative electioneering ratio published on that page.

The representation of the number 195-09.2016.6.04.0000 It was published in the Electronic Mural Amazon Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM) no last day 19 of August, under No. 1443/2016. The document claims that Alex Braga Mendes has been using your page in order to convey negative electioneering of candidates Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto, with information publications accompanied by cartoons, that deride and is intended to deter the confidence of voters.

The judge issued his decision that "(…) Undeniably the degrading content of negative election advertisements published on the Internet, the responsibility of Represented in order to tarnish the image of the candidates for mayor and deputy mayor of the city of Manaus. Such advertisements taunt the electoral legislation, as well as degrade the image of the candidates, injure fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution, as beyond the limits of freedom of expression of thought assacando against representative negative and libelous speech without any proof (…)”.

The TRE-AM is categorically states that "(…) will not be tolerated slanderous advertising, defamatory or slanderous to anyone, answering the offender by prohibited advertising process job ".

The decision of the Electoral Justice in the Amazon open discussion and warns people of proprietary electronic pages (portals, sites, profiles on social networks, blogs, among others) They are using these tools function relationships / affiliations with political parties.

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