Partnership between House and TJAM aims to reduce 30% of cases involving violence against women

By joining the legislature will assign ten servers to support the task force hearings, focusing on combating domestic violence against women and family.
10/08/2016 14h27 - Updated 10/08/2016 14h27

In order to help reduce 30% of more than 17 thousand cases involving violence against women accumulated in the Amazon Court (TJAM), the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), signed, on the morning of Monday (10), with the chairman of the Judiciary, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, Technical Cooperation Agreement, where the legislature will assign ten servers to support the task force hearings, to be held between 15 e 26 of August, focusing on combating domestic violence against women and family.

Wilker Barreto said that the Board gives more a simple contribution to a social flag of the most sensitive, which is to combat domestic violence against women. “Today we are materializing this commitment, the Chamber of simple form fulfilling its role. The Chamber is a sensitive power the flags of our society, mainly this. And a social flag, this theme, It has the unanimous support of the House”, highlighted.

According to the judge Flávio Pascarelli, the partnership will help in a problem that is already becoming chronic in the Judiciary, which is the length of proceedings involving violence against women. “I am very grateful to President Wilker to be providing the ten servers and two cars, so that we can have a task force more effectively. We have over 17 thousand backlog and we plan to the end of the year to reduce this number in, at least, 30%. So, we will work in partnership not only with the Chamber, but with the Public Defender's Office, Public and OAB Ministry, this joint effort”, scored.

After signing, councilors expressed their congratulations to the institutions by the Technical Cooperation Agreement, reporting, as a whole, that the partnership is a way to ensure women victims of violence increased security at the time of termination. “I commend the valuable initiative for the Amazon, as a whole. It is important the Government be involved in women's protection”, said Councilwoman Professor Jacqueline (PHS), chairman of the Defense and Protection of Women's Rights of the Legislative House. Already Councilwoman Socorro Sampaio (PP) He pointed out that today there is a safety net for women, and the signing of the Agreement reinforces, still, over the network. “Everything that comes in defense of us women are welcome”, concluded Rosi Matos (PT).

Also they demonstrated in support of the Technical Cooperation Agreement, councilors David Reis (PV), Luis Mitoso (PSD), Professor Bibiano (PT), Arlindo Junior (PROS), Pliny Valerius (PSDB) e Elias Emanuel (PSDB).

The action is in line with the campaign 'Justice for peace at home', promoted nationally by the National Council of Justice (CNJ).

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