Parties invites women to compete in elections only to meet quota, points search

The invitation of the parties is done well in advance showing low interest in forming candidates with a real chance of victory.
08/08/2016 11h10 - Updated 8/08/2016 11h10
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Research by the Institute Patricia Galvão, social non-profit organization focused on communication and women's rights, It reveals that Brazilian political parties invite women to compete in elections only to fill the minimum quota required by law.

The topic was discussed today (8) in São Paulo, the Challenges workshop for Gender Equality in Municipal Elections 2016. The study was conducted in 2014 based on interviews with 14 women who ran as councilors in election 2012. Half of them could be elected.

According to research, the invitation of the parties is done with one or two months in advance of political campaigns, showing the low interest of the parties to form candidates with a real chance of victory.

"You have to prepare at least one year before, You have to prepare strategy, show militancy. I decide to be a candidate against a week before the convention, we have to discourage it ", Melo said Jacira, executive director of the Institute Patricia Galvão.

Among the reasons that lead these women to accept the invitations are a concern to help the party to which they are already affiliated, besides the taste for challenge. The candidates also claimed the support of friends and family, who undertake to help the campaign.

According to the survey, the potential candidates are engineers, lawyers, teachers, cops, health professionals or social movements leaders. "The women, generally, They do not see themselves as candidates. Before applying for office have built long political action experience trajectories, but not necessarily partisan ", says study.

Research shows that women only during the campaign realize that entered into a "game should not have come". "It is seen as a candidate of the second category, minor ", explains Jacira. The study also shows that women candidates are not seen by the parties as active participants, but extras.

To change this situation, the study concludes, women need to be integrated into the structure of the party and act as protagonist. "It is essential to attend the party in dispute spaces and be part of the power dynamics. Availability for the party time has to do with the male time in public and private life ", says research.

Source: Agency Brazil

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