Parties have until today(05) to hold conventions

Some parties will meet on Friday (5) to the ritual prescribed by the electoral law of applications for official.
05/08/2016 15h35 - Updated 5/08/2016 18h52
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The deadline for the completion of the caucuses goes to this today(5), three officialized seven applications with practically closed negotiations. A backstage game marked by "kicks" and alliances between historical adversaries.

Meet on Friday (5) to the ritual prescribed by the electoral law of applications from the official deputy PRB Silas House; Solidarity, the deputy governor Henrique Oliveira, or PSD, Senator Omar Aziz and the PSOL, Queiroz teacher.

The PDT is its convention in Ranch Country, in front of the flying club of Manaus. And should approve the candidacy for mayor of Congressman Hissa Abraham (Earlier this year, parliamentary landed PPS, party for which he was elected, and nestled in the PDT).

Already had the names endorsed in meetings that took place on 23 July, as Chapas do PSB, formed by the state deputy Serafim Correa and the teacher Cristiane Balieiro; and PR with the former state representative Marcelo Ramos and TV presenter Wilson Lima. Also defined the candidates majoritarian PT and PCdoB, not a Saturday. The state deputy José Ricardo running for mayor as vice student leader Yan Yann Evanovick.

The PSC made the announcement of the PM Amadeu Soares Colonel's candidacy as vice Silas House. The officer commanded the Ronda program deployed in the neighborhood Omar management.

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