Researchers at Ufam create application with technology similar to YouTube and Netflix

The tool is now available on Google Play and will be used for publication and consumption of multimedia content.
23/08/2016 14h05 - Updated 24/08/2016 09h35
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With promotion of the Foundation of Amazonas State Research (Fapeam), researchers from the Institute of Computing (Dial Icom) the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) They created the application "ICompTV", a technology similar to YouTube and Netflix. The tool will be used for publication and consumption of multimedia content generated by ICOMP teachers and is now available on Google Play.

According to the study coordinator, Professor and PhD in Computer Science, César Melo, the ICompTV is the result of an effort that has been developed over the past three years in ICOMP focused on research related to the transmission of video over the Internet. The survey counted on the participation of three undergraduate students, of Computer Engineering courses, Information Systems and Computer Science, and two master students and PhD in Computer Science, both of Ufam.

As César Melo, one of the main results of the research is the field of Adaptive Streaming technology, which is a way to stream video based on the network transmission capacity that the user is connected. The technology is similar to that used for large video distributors, as Netflix or Youtube and. "The simplest way to understand technology is you imagine that each person has a data plan and, this data plan has its transfer limit. The application is able to realize what the plan, that is, which speed it is available at any given moment, and use this speed to transmit the best image that does not 'would catch' the application. Throughout the session, technology will changing according to what is happening to the data network ", He explained the scholar.

The complete research that technology is an evolution of other ideas implemented in previous years, when the user chose the quality he wanted and that "crashed" transmission.

According to Professor, the knowledge acquired over the years and the field of technology allows other Amazonian institutions also use the application to transmission of multimedia content. "As our proposal was to demonstrate the application of technology, we implemented ICOMP contents and create the pilot ICompTV, but the way the technology was developed to allow use by other institutions in a customized manner. In other words, I could have UfamTV, a SeducTV. Any institution that manages digital content could use the platform ", said Cesar.

Focus on learning
For the teacher Ufam, the wide variety of videos available on the Internet complicates the use of multimedia materials in teaching and learning. In this sense, the application, to gather content in one place, It becomes an important tool to consolidate the use of multimedia content in student education. "The student has to find within this universe of things that is most important to him, e, he often gets lost in this search. The idea is to focus and related topics, to leave it, the student has easier access to content ", says César Melo.

How does it work
The teacher explained that the ICompTV functions as other applications. The user needs to access the Google Play store, download and install the application. automatically, the user will have direct and free access to all platform content. He pointed out that access is allowed for students and non-students Ufam. "When you run the application, the user will find the list of videos, playlist - set of related videos - content channels that would be the group of subjects, for example. It can also search by keywords. Any user can access the platform, but to interact will need to make a simple registration, with name and e-mail ", said Melo.

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