Plan for jobs and wages of health will be a priority of the city of Marcelo Ramos

The commitment was made by the coalition candidate of change to transform yesterday (25) the Arena PR program.
26/08/2016 16h01 - Updated 26/08/2016 16h01
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The review of the plan of positions and salaries of municipal health workers will be a priority of the city of Marcelo Ramos. The commitment was made by the coalition candidate for Change Transforming Thursday, the Arena PR program, which promotes and discusses proposals to Manaus with various segments of society, Live webcast.

"I had the joy of having collaborated as union lawyer of health workers, and was rapporteur of the last plan for jobs and wages category. In fact the plan needs to be revised, updated, but above all must be fulfilled ", said Marcelo, concerned with ensuring vertical progression and horizontal promotion of servers.

"This is necessary so that the servers that have more service time and qualify, that make a college, making a graduate, a master's degree, a Ph.D., have improved assurance in their salaries. So we encourage a career by remaining in the public service and the academic qualification. This is the way we will implement to enhance health workers Manaus prefecture ", said Marcelo.

The women in society
women's health, education of children, women's participation in society. These were some of the topics covered in the second edition of Arena PR, late on Friday quitter (25), in the Republic Party headquarters, in Adrianople.

Near 80 women, between public servants, professionals and candidates for councilor for the coalition Change to Transform attended the meeting, who had the mediation of candidates for mayor and vice, Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto. Answering questions, candidates also discussed issues related to education, health and women's participation in politics.

"We made the decision to prioritize women in our coalition. It is not fair that the Chamber has 41 councilors and only six women. We need more women in politics, because the woman takes another look, the differentiated need in the public health structure, the more difficult access to the labor market, the thousands upon thousands of women who are single mothers ", said Marcelo Ramos.

Marcelo also presented the Learning Time program, which offers comprehensive education for students of municipal schools, offering private lessons through agreements, especially with churches and associations.

"There are mothers who have to make the decision between daily go to work or care for their children. In Learning Time, the children will go to school in the afternoon and the counter will turn tuition, English, guitar, etc. Like this, We promote a broader education for the child and mother's tranquility, you can go out to work with the knowledge that your child is protected in turn and counter-turn ".

The candidate's day
The candidate of the day Marcelo Ramos started very early, with an interview with a TV station on school transport in the Rural Area. Also during the morning, held leafleting in Compensates, Zone City West. Late in the afternoon, He walked the Gloria neighborhood streets. At night, attended the meeting Pedaling Manaus, Billiards in the Park and still meeting the Viver Melhor 2.

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