Platiny Soares shoots the lack of national integration in the AM security policy

The parliamentarian noted that the crime numbers in the state, They are at alarming levels.
03/08/2016 14h08 - Updated 3/08/2016 14h08
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The state's lack of integration with national security policies, He was criticized by the vice president of the Public Safety Commission of Amazonas Legislative Assembly, Mr Soares Platiny(THE), during a speech on the morning of Wednesday (03). The parliamentarian noted that the crime numbers in the state, are at alarming levels and that while the rest of the country follows an integrated policy, Amazon suffers isolated.

"The National Secretariat of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, following programs in order to reduce homicides in much of the country. The Amazon is one of the states that contribute most to the federation, do not know whether what these projects ", Soares said Platiny.

According Platiny Soares, member states should be linked, so that federal funds are distributed on a fair slices. "We can not go against, this is a personal concern. I as a parliamentarian, I can be in a location with increased security, but my family and the population as a whole, live this uncertain scenario ", Soares emphasized Platiny.

The Democratic cited traditional neighborhoods of Manaus, as Japiim, located in the south of the city, where are recorded daily by the media, Extreme violence. "The neighborhood where I was born and raised, like all other neighborhoods in Manaus, It is at the mercy of crime. There are no reliable records, and criminal stains are extremely out of the true reality ", emphasizing an obvious deficiency of the State, in serving victims.

"To register a crime is necessary that the citizen go to a police station. But, getting there, he is faced with poor quality care, lack of structure and slow to finalize your complaint. That is why, many offenses do not even enter the indices, I know the server to want to provide the best care, but it is also affected by fault conditions ", examined.

Investment in police officer
The deficiency of the government is on the structure, but especially the training and development server, if the police / firefighters and police officers, Soares said Platiny, representing the category in Legislature.

Platiny Soares suggested that the ads are no longer prioritized, because they generate unnecessary burden the machine. And that the server has the minimum conditions, to perform its services, having priorities power questions and promotions. "Let's stop having this advertising slogan. The best advertising appeal will be the citizen, having peace of mind to leave home ", finished.

"As a military officer could see the internal, as the corporation. Based on this experience, I can say that Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) he tried. He implemented a public safety program and that is very commendable. Today we have not even program, or project for our public safety, go to work and be effective ", considering that despite the shortcomings, and high values ​​attempting operation of Ronda in the neighborhood should be seen as an act for the democratization of safety.

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