Platiny Smith complains about the lack of health care for Military Police

In Tribune Aleam deputy protested against "the contempt for police officers who risk their lives”.
31/08/2016 16h33 - Updated 31/08/2016 16h33
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Addressing the issue of public security and public health, Mr Soares Platiny (THE) It was the tribune of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), during the big-time Wednesday (31), to protest "the neglect of the state with the military police officers who risk their lives to guarantee and security of the population, but they do not receive decent treatment when they need institutional support, including health care ".

"How charge of security servers an excellent service when they do not give you any support in the actions, how to charge effective security in neighborhoods not even give you a legal rear so that it is not processed, or when an officer is sick and is abandoned in a hospital bed with no state support?”, reclamou Platiny, stating that the police officer who risks his life to defend the population, It does not receive government worthy of treatment which serves.

Citing the case of a police officer awaiting surgery on Adriano Jorge Hospital and can not do this surgery, DEM deputy said the state does not give you any attention so he can regain his health and return to professional activities. According to Soares Platiny "this neglect of the military police is routine, and I'm talking here about a situation that repeats, because we do not have the social assistance area, or psychology to meet the need for a troop ". So he asked the government has a new vision for the activity of public safety professionals Amazon.

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