Pokemon Go arrives in Brazil and is popular with surfers manauaras

Game to smartphones was released in the country on Wednesday (3).
04/08/2016 15h48 - Updated 4/08/2016 15h48
Photo: reproduction

The mobile game that became a phenomenon in the world called “Pokémon Go” It began operating in Brazil on Wednesday (3) and became the most talked about subject in social networks, among manauaras mainly, reaching number one in “trend topics” Twitter in Manaus soon.

After weeks of intense expectations netizens “ostentaram”, the social network, catch and posted the adventures to get the little monsters in the capital of Amazonas. All it took was the application is available for the theme “pipocar” on the Internet.

We had fan “sported” captured Pokémon, which chronicled the adventures in search of the animals and posted “pokestops” unusual. It also had record of explosive reactions with the launch of the application and, Clear, memes.

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