Civil police operation triggers "New Alliance 2" in the north of Manaus

During the action have been met 21 search and seizure warrants.
25/08/2016 14h57 - Updated 26/08/2016 15h54
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The Civil Police of the Amazon triggered the "New Alliance 2" operation on Thursday(25) to reduce homicide rates and theft related to drug trafficking in the Community Our Lady of Fatima, New neighborhood Aleixo, North of Manaus. During the action have been met 21 search and seizure warrants.

The action resulted in arrests in flagrante Ewerton Santos Cunha, 21, known as "Cub Scout", for drug trafficking, and Robson Coelho Gomes, 33, called "Lapa", by irregular possession of permitted use of ammunition. The 21 search and seizure warrants were issued on 16 August this year, by Julian Lemos Sobral Junior judge, the 4th Court Specializing in Crimes of Use and Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs (Vecute).

The operation involved police officers who work in the Department of Suppression of Organized Crime (DRCO), Research Department of Narcotics (Denarc), Special Force Rescue Group and Assault (will), Reverse Split Air Operations (GOA) Police and Integrated Districts (DIPs) situated in the north of the capital, as well as servers of the Executive Secretariat Deputy Intelligence (Seai) the Secretary of Amazonas State Public Security (SSP-AM), Military Police Round Ostensive Cândido Mariano (Rocam) and the Military Police Kennel.

In the house of "Cub Scout", located in Olivet Street, in that area of ​​town, officers found eight bundles of narcotic substance with oxy aspect, five bundles and a middle portion of marijuana type skunk. In the residence Robson, in the street 52, teams seized five intact caliber ammunition 22. During the work a couple of 20 years was arrested with a small amount of marijuana. He was released after signing Term Occurrence of Robust (TCO) for possession of drugs for consumption and will respond to the process in freedom.

The director of DRCO, delegate Juan Valerius, highlighted the work performed throughout the operation "New Alliance 2". "This action was triggered in order to combat crimes related to drug trafficking in the north of the city, as well as collecting information, do fugitives searches and carry out preventive work, to increase the sense of security to the inhabitants of the region ", he emphasized.

Paul Mavignier, director of Denarc, He stressed the importance of the outbreak of the operation in the area. "We were able to map the entire Community Our Lady of Fatima. We analyze the inputs and outputs strategic community. Now we will step up the measures in place in order to reduce homicide rates in the region ", said the delegate.

Ewerton was acting in blatant drug trafficking. At the end of the procedures applicable, held in the office of the DRCO, the offender will be referred to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in Manaus Center, which will be available to the Justice.

Already Robson was booked for illegal possession of ammunition permitted use. As the director of DRCO, to be considered a crime afiançável, It was arbitrated bail of a minimum wage to the offender. After payment of the amount stipulated by the police man will be released and will respond to the process in freedom.

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