In a new phase of Operation Acronym, PF investigates Vox Populi and JHSF construction

The operation was established to investigate illegal schemes to benefit campaign of Fernando Pimentel (PT) in 2014.
16/08/2016 10h33 - Updated 16/08/2016 14h29
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The Federal Police (PF) set off this morning (16) the sixth stage of Operation Acronym. Agents fulfilled search and seizure warrants in JHSF construction of offices and the Vox Populi polling institute in São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Operation acronym was established to investigate illegal schemes to benefit campaign of Fernando Pimentel (PT) in 2014, when he was elected governor. At this stage, police clears suspicion that the PT and the scheme operator, businessman Benedito de Oliveira Neto, They have brokered loan from BNDES for JHSF. In contrast, the construction company would have paid two campaign cash, simulating a contract with the research institute Vox Populi.

BNDES is under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, folder Pimentel commanded between 2011 e 2014. The suspicion arose after the whistleblower's testimony winning Benedito de Oliveira Neto, which is also known as Bene.

According to whistleblower, "About R $ 750 thousand was paid upon discharge expenses of the election campaign Pimentel by the Vox Populi Institute. To make this payment to the Vox Populi, the employee talked with Humberto and the commercial director of the institute, Marcio Hiran, so that they could adjust the issuance of the invoice and the execution of payment. services declared in the invoice were not actually rendered to the JHSF group, but the election campaign 2014 Fernando Pimentel ".

JHSF required the loan to put into operation the airport Catarina, in San Roque (SP). As the testimony of Bene, the construction company would have transferred $ 5 million in kickbacks.

Pimentel is already accused by federal police of receiving illegal transfers of more than R $ 10 million of the automaker Caoa, representative of Hyundai in Brazil. In 2012, when the current mining governor was Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, his briefcase launched the Innovate Program Auto, which aimed to give tax incentives to industries in the automotive sector. To ensure participation in the program, the Caoa would have paid more than R $ 10 million in kickbacks.

Bene had ordered his arrest in April and closed tipoff according winning. He owns Graphic Brazil, that would have been used to provide false invoices and receive funds for the campaign Pimentel.

in May, the Attorney General's Office denounced the governor to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) the crimes of bribery and money laundering. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court postponed the appeal trial presented by Pimentel. He argues that the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG) authorizes a possible opening of criminal proceedings in which the governor figure as defendant.

in a statement, the governor's lawyer, Eugenio Pacelli, He said that there was now no action against his client and that the new phase of the operation is a “factoid created to influence the resource judgment pending in the Supreme Court, where speculations are towards their victory”.

according to Pacelli, met the new warrants are intended to negatively reach the judges in court. Vox Populi confirmed that there were searches at the headquarters of the research institute in Belo Horizonte and said the company is ready to contribute to the authorities.

Please add a paragraph with JHSF position. I suggest that it be placed before the first intertitle “investigations”.

Also note by, JHSF said it is not involved in any illegal and always obeyed legislation. “The company reaffirms its willingness to cooperate with the investigation, up because it is the most interested in clarifying the facts, to demonstrate its smoothness”, acrescentoua text.

Source: Agency Brazil

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