Federal Police intimate woman and Lula's son to testify about Atibaia site

The property is attended by the former president and family target of investigations of Lava Jato.
09/08/2016 07h59 - Updated 9/08/2016 14h05
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The Federal Police (PF) Márcio Anselmo, one of the members of the research task force Operation Lava Jato, He determined the summons of women and one of the sons of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Marisa Leticia and Fabio Luiz Lula da Silva were called to provide information on the Site Santa Barbara, Atibaia, Sao Paulo, attended by the former president family.

The PF also determined that entrepreneurs Jonas Suassuna and Fernando Bittar, Property owners, be heard.

The property is attended by the former president and family target of investigations of Operation Lava Jato, that clears the suspicion that the works were paid by the construction company OAS, investigated the operation.

Second esearchers, reforms began after the purchase of property by entrepreneurs Fernando Bittar and Jonas Suassuna, when "they were developed the first architectural designs to accommodate the former President family's needs". According to the PF, the execution of the work was coordinated by a company architect, "With knowledge of the President of the OAS, Leo Pinheiro ".

in the report, experts cite the works executed, including, the kitchen valued at R $ 252 one thousand. It is estimated that have been spent R $ 1,7 million, adding the purchase of the site (R$ 1,1 million) and to reform (R$ 544,8 one thousand).

“Experts point to substantial evidence that the gourmet kitchen was renovated and installed between the approximate period from March to June 2014, and was accompanied by architect OAS, under Leo Pinheiro command [former president of contractor] e, reportedly in the Construction Architect communications, with guidance of former President Lula and his wife”, informs report excerpt.

After disclosure of the report, Lula's defense said the former president did not commit any illegal act "before, during or after his mandate "and does not fear any investigation. Lawyers reaffirm that Lula is not the property owner and the site was bought by businessman Fernando Bittar, with his father's resources, Jacob Bittar.

in a statement, the lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins said the subpoenas are a way to retaliate against the former president for the appeal to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (HIM). the petition, the lawyers say that Lula is pursued by Judge Sergio Moro.

“This is another attempt of Lava jet to produce headlines against Lula, now calling to testify his wife and son. If you want to retaliate Lula for exercising their legitimate right to go to the UN, should not involve their families ", said Zanin.

Source: Agency Brazil

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