Police identify theft of water and energy in washing station in the south

Because of the clandestine links the values ​​of invoices for services that residents via increased significantly.
18/08/2016 16h53 - Updated 18/08/2016 16h53
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, broke out early on Thursday (18), operation identified theft of water and energy in a wash station located in Manaus Two Thousand Avenue, in the first stage of the Industrial District neighborhood, area south of the city.

According to the titular delegate of the police unit, Felipe Vasconcelos Dias, the research team came to the shop after receiving anonymous reports, stating that the wash station owner had made illegal connections along the water and energy supply networks in the area and, because of the unlawful conduct, the values ​​of invoices for services that residents via increased significantly. Technical teams of Manaus Environmental utilities and Eletrobras Amazonas Energia, as well as the Institute of Criminology experts (IC), They accompanied the operation to investigate the case.

Felipe Vasconcelos Dias said, after verification, teams confirmed irregularities. Second or delegate, the wash station had illegal connections of water and energy, and kitchenettes located in the grounds. "We have identified a number of irregularities in this wash station, as well as the properties that were intended for rent. The beneficiaries of the crime were not paying for the supply of water and energy, generating large losses for utilities ", he argued.

The holder of DECFS further stated that the owner of the wash station was identified and charged with theft. At the end of the procedures applicable at the station it will be released to answer for the crime in freedom. The delegate said that the illegal connections found at the site were broken and all legal procedures are being adopted.

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