Possible alliance between Braga and Arthur can cause upheaval in elections in Manaus

In an interview Braga gave a signal more than clear that a change in the scenario of elections in Manaus is being sewn.
02/08/2016 18h30 - Updated 3/08/2016 16h19
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possible alliance rumors between the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB), e or senator, Eduardo Braga (PMDB), for this year's election is circling the city, however, it is speculated that the same focus alignment is a plea 2018. The two have spent more than five hours talking in a meeting behind closed doors.

In an interview with a local portal, last Friday(29), Braga signaled that a change in the scenario of elections in Manaus is being sewn .

Behind the scenes of Amazon policy is said also that the name of Mark Rotta (PMDB) It is advancing to be the deputy Arthur. If this speculation is confirmed a turnaround in the Amazon capital of elections can happen.

Articulation to take Rotta the electoral match, suggests, Second rumors, giving up his candidacy pemedebista deputy alia influence the PSDB candidate, wins the elections and win the chance to become mayor holder already 2018, when Arthur Neto dispute election to return to the Senate.

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