Deadline for withdrawal of the salary supplement ends on Wednesday (31)

More than one million people still not withdrawn the value; after the deadline, the amount will be returned to the Fund for Worker.
31/08/2016 08h11 - Updated 31/08/2016 15h16
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Ends Wednesday (31) the deadline for workers who are entitled to withdraw the salary bonus of PIS / PASEP base year 2014.

More than one million people still not withdrawn the benefit of R $ 880, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The service may be made at any branch of Caixa Econômica Federal, no caso do PIS, or Bank of Brazil, in the case Pasep.

If the employee does not remove the value until the deadline that has previously been extended and will not be postponed again, will return to the Fund for Worker (FAT) and is no longer available.

Who is entitled?
The salary supplement base year 2014 It was granted to those who have worked for at least 30 days with a formal contract and had an average salary of up to two minimum wages 2014.

Besides that, It had to be enrolled in the PIS / PASEP for at least five years and have had the name specified by the employer in the Annual Social Information (President). Already public servants who retired after 2014 and commissioned positions in public institutions must verify that they are entitled.

The Ministry of Labour website, a list was published with the name of all workers to Thursday (25) They had not yet made the sack. To make a query, you need access to the address and click on the banner "salary bonuses", located at the top of the screen.

With the birth date and the number of CPF or PIS / PASEP, citizens can also check whether you have the right to benefit in specific portal salary bonus.

Information is also provided by the Hello Work phone, number 158, receiving calls free from landlines anywhere in the country, Besides the contact channels Box (0800-726 02 07) and Banco do Brazil (0800-729 00 01).

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