Arthur Neto chose his vice presidential candidate, says deputy

Alliance Arthur Neto and Eduardo Braga is taken for granted by PSD members who say the act is “ingratitude”.
03/08/2016 10h24 - Updated 3/08/2016 10h27
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The alliance between Senator Eduardo Braga, Lider do PMDB no Amazonas, and Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) It is taken for granted by politicians and militants of the PSD, who have criticized the decision of the toucan. Among them Deputy David Almeida, government leader in the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas, who used the rostrum on Wednesday (3), to say that the alliance between Braga and Arthur is an inconsistency and an act of ingratitude.

“Mayor Arthur said several times he wanted someone more loyal, with experience despite being young and hardly find someone more beautiful than Joshua (Mr Joshua Neto) to be or vice, and he never said that Joshua would be his deputy, and yesterday we found out. Mayor Arthur was looking for someone more beautiful than Joshua, and yesterday we found out. In the opinion of Arthur Mark Rotta is more beautiful than the Joshua. there is the deputy of the mayor Arthur. How much inconsistency, how much ingratitude. The Amazon people, the people of Manaus does not yield to it”, said David.

The MP also cited a number of cases where Arthur himself criticized Braga, as the case where Senator Omar Aziz brokered an agreement with the interim president Michel Temer to release R $ 150 million in resources to work in Manaus. Upon receiving the news that the funds would be released, Arthur said:”I thank Senator Omar Aziz, as Senator Eduardo Braga, He caught Manaus for three and a half years”.

“When Omar was with the mayor to get the loan of R $ 150 million that would condition the Hall plug the holes of Manaus that was like a lollipop board, managed resources with Temer, the mayor said: I thank Senator Omar Aziz, as Senator Eduardo Braga, He caught Manaus for three and a half years. This one was the gratitude of Mayor Arthur with Omar, ally who caught the city of Manaus for three and a half years. Inconsistency is little”, said David Almeida.

State Representative Belarmino Lins (PMDB), who chaired the session also regretted the decision to Arthur.

Arthur Neto
At a newspaper in Manaus, on the issue Wednesday, Mayor Arthur denied that covenant is signed, and just said he has talked with Braga, but politicians and PSD militants ensure that Omar already looking for another alternative for your group. Among the options are to support the candidacy of Henrique Oliveira (SDD).

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