Mayor of Barcelos will have to return R $ 4,1 million to public coffers

In front of over 20 irregularities full TEC-AM deemed irregular accounts of the year 2011 José Ribamar Beauty.
12/08/2016 13h33 - Updated 12/08/2016 16h48
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At an extraordinary meeting held in the Amazon Court (TCE-AM), on the morning of Friday (12), full TEC-AM deemed irregular accounts of the year 2011 Mayor of Barcelos, José Ribamar Beauty. Unanimously and in front of more than 20 irregularities in the municipal administration and detected by the technical sector of the cutting accounts, full followed the vote of the process rapporteur, counselor Yara Lins Santos, and ordered the manager to return to public coffers, between fines and glosses, the amount of R $ 4,1 million identified by the inappropriateness.

The manager was given a period of 30 days for the collection of value to the coffers of the Treasury and Municipal, in case of non-payment, the registration of his name in the Active Debt of the City, then immediate judicial collection. The manager may still appeal the decision to the TCE-AM.

Among the irregularities identified in accountability - delivered after the deadline the Court of Auditors - are the fractioning of expenses for obtaining building material, food kinds, river passages, among others; expenditures made without proper commitment; excess unproven expenses and not made public; difference between the amount recorded on the balance sheet and recorded in bank statements; and the absence of evidence of health spending (expenditure on the maintenance and development of health). The irregularities were listed in the opinion of the Ministry of Public Accounts and the ECA technical sector report.

The counselor Yara Lins dos Santos determined to TEC Plenum of the Secretariat to notify the decision manager and still encaminhasse copies the file to the Amazonas State Prosecutor to be the appropriate legal measures taken.

In the same session, full also reproached the accounts of the city of Tapauá, for the financial year 2012. The annual balance sheet of the municipality was not delivered to the TEC, disobeying the legal deadlines, and it was taken by the rapporteur of the municipality, auditor Alipio Kings Firmo Son.

In its proposal to vote in the Account Outlet, hosted by the collegial, the auditor decided to condemn the two mayors and officers from city expenses - Carlos Gonçalves da Silva (15/04/212 a 15/08/2012) and Elivaldo Herculino dos Santos (19/12/2012 a 31/12/2012) - To give back to the public coffers, respectively, R$ 2,2 million and R $ 1,2 million for various irregularities committed against the treasury. Carlos was the mayor and took office in place of Elivaldo Herculino by legal issues.

Among the irregularities identified by the technicians in the two administration periods are no accounting record of the cancellation of outstanding commitments; differences in financial statements, and not the full application of the funds received from the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb) during the year, as guides the Fiscal Responsibility Law. The manager may also resort.

In extraordinary Friday (12), convened by the President in exercise Yara Lins dos Santos, They were judged 11 processes. The TCE of the Full back to meet next Tuesday (16), a partir das 10h, at the 29th ordinary this year.

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