Nhamundá mayor sentenced to return R $ 52,6 billion to the public coffers

In Gledson Hadson Paulain Machado management were found irregularities found by the technical sector of the ECA and the Court of Public Prosecution.
23/08/2016 15h33 - Updated 24/08/2016 09h35
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The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) reproached early on Tuesday, at the 30th ordinary session 2016, the management accounts of the mayor of Nhamundá, Gledson Hadson Paulain Machado, for the financial year 2013. The manager was fined R $ 52,6 thousand irregularity found by the technical sector of the ECA and the Court of Public Prosecution (MPC).

Besides the lack of transparency in municipal administration, denounced by the Court of Attorney Elizângela Lima Costa Marinho, which generated fine of $ 8,7 one thousand, They were identified over 15 improprieties in the administration manager, as the delay in sending monthly statements to the Audit Court, uncontrolled internal, lack of control and output and balance of materials for industry Warehouse, lack of specifications in commitment notes, as well as failures in bidding processes.

The board decided to follow the proposal to vote auditor Alipio Kings Firmo Son, which determined the Gledson Hadson Paulain Machado a period of 30 days for the refund of value to public coffers.

In its order, the rapporteur considered the mayor Gledson Hadson Paulain Machado disqualified by 5 years for the exercise of office of committee or reliable function, because of the existence of serious violations practiced by him, in terms of Clause 56 Organic-TEC / AM Law. The auditor requested, still, the Secretariat of the Full Court to inform the State and the Union on the possible blocking of the Voluntary transfers to the City of Nhamundá as long as the irregularity on the lack of information in the public transparency portal, along the lines of Complementary Law 131/2009 (Representation Process object 1038/2013, annexed), besides sending copy the file to the Amazonas State Prosecutor, so that appropriate action is taken regarding the possible practice of improper conduct.

regular accounts
Five other benefits judged by collegiality on the morning of Tuesday were considered regular with caveats, two with fine application: being R $ 2.192,06 for Municipal Labor Secretary, David Valente Reis, for the financial year 2014; and R $ 5 thousand mayor of Careiro Lowland, Almir Rodrigues Pinheiro, the year 2015.

The provision of Nadja Cristina accounts D'Avila Ferreira, Ruth Lilian Rodrigues da Silva and Kamilla Botelho do Amaral, the Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema), the year 2012; the CEO of Amazonas Gas Company (Cigás), Lino Chíxaro (from 2014) and director general of SPA Doctor José Lins, Dayana Regina Cerquinho Barreto de Souza, do 2014, They were approved with reservations and without fines.

Full decreases manager disallowance to R $ 206 one thousand
In the same session, the director Mario Mello partially granted the review feature entered by the then mayor of San Sebastian Uatumã Fernando Falabella, trying to reverse the failure of year accounts 2009. In his defense, Falabella was able to present documentation to remedy only two items, between the various appointed by the technical sector. In line with the Ministry of Public Accounts and Technical TEC sector, the counselor kept the merits of the judgment, that reproached accounts, and excluded the item of irregularity 2.18 no amount of R $ 8,4 thousand and the item irregularity 2.22 no amount of R $ 7,2 one thousand, reducing the disallowance to R $ 205.603,65 (two hundred and five thousand, six hundred and three reais and sixty-five cents) and keeping the prior opinion by the disapproval of the accounts and the judgment by the irregular provision of the applicant's accounts, in the period from January 1, 2008 a 31 March of the same year. The voting Mario de Mello was followed unanimously by the collegial.

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