President of Manaquiri Chamber has reproved accounts and will have to return R $ 870 billion to the public coffers

After inspection of technical TBI-AM reproached the manager of the accounts unanimously.
16/08/2016 15h09 - Updated 16/08/2016 15h15
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A number of irregularities detected during the inspection of the Court of technicians in the Amazon Accounts (TCE-AM) in the year of account 2014 the Mayor of Manaquiri, Ewerton Esttevam de Souza, They took full TEC-AM, to reprove the manager of the accounts unanimously, early on Tuesday, and ordered to return to public coffers R $ 870 one thousand, between fines and glosses.

As the vote of the process Rapporteur, Alipio auditor Kings Firmo Firmo, which was followed by the directors, among the irregularities found in Ewerton Esttevam accounts are the lack of monitoring of budget execution; expenditure without commitment; lack of transparency in fiscal management; breach of rules; lack of timely accounting of acts and events that affect or may affect the assets of the entity and not transfer to the INSS deducted contributions on the payroll of Aldermen and servers, among others.

O manager, which can still appeal the decision, It has a term of 30 days for the payment of value.

In the same session, year accounts of 2013 the former mayor of Japurá, Raimundo dos Santos Guedes, They were also considered irregular by the counselor Mario Mello imposed a penalty of R $ 458 one thousand, between fines and glosses, by various irregularities, between them, delay sending balance sheets, financial statements and documents relating to the administration of income and expenses; process evasion or document, in inspections or audits carried out by the Court; the absence of issuance and publication of the Summary Reports Budget Execution (COURIER) and Fiscal Management Reports (RGF); absence of the creation of the Internal Control System; absence on the payroll of FUNDEB; the absence of publication of bidding layoffs; servers in public office accumulation, among others.

The director of the Maternity Alvorada, Ninita da Silva Ferreira, also had the deprecated accounts. She was fined to return to public coffers R $ 25 one thousand. The Rapporteur of the process was the auditor Alipio Kings Firmo Son.

Three agreements signed by the Rural Production Secretary (Sepror), under the responsibility of former Secretary Eronildo Braga Bezerra, with the Rural Farmers Association New Canaaã, between the years 2007 a 2009, They were also reproved by collegiality. Eronildo Braga Bezerra will have to return to public coffers R $ 52,8 thousand by irregularities listed by the counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, between them, Implementing evidence insufficient agreement object; noncompliance with the disbursement schedule; serve in a specific account for payment in kind expenses, lack of documentation supporting the tax collection and delayed accountability.

The Municipal Secretary of Education and expense ordinator, Therezinha Ruiz de Oliveira, also had to provide accounts reproved by collegiality, that followed the counsel of vote-driver Yara Lins dos Santos. Unanimously by the irregularities found in the management of accounts, collegiality condemned to return to the treasury, between fines and glosses, more than R $ 900 one thousand

Regular with caveats
The benefits of deemed accounts, the only approved, but with reservations without penalty, It was the representative of the state government in São Paulo, Tseng Lig Yun.

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